With the new normal, people are getting more interested in activities that can get their creative juices flow. With this, portable tools that are easy to use and can give instant results attract them more. Are you looking for customizable promotional items to make your marketing strategy click instantly with your target customers? Let this case study help you develop your next campaign!


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Undoubtedly, portable cameras and printers are deeming popularity. Consumers like the idea of getting everything instantly so they can proceed with their activity right away. Who would not want to accomplish a fulfilling one, right? Consequently, the demand for these portable tools is getting bigger, and the market for customized promotional items is growing too. Whether you are looking for branded promotional products or custom promotional merchandise for your employees and loyal customers, these portable instant print cameras will be an excellent option.

Customizable Promotional Items

Customizable Promotional Items


Customizable Promotional Items

Customizable Promotional Items


Customizable Promotional Items

Customizable Promotional Items

  • Optical Zoom: 10x-20x
  • Additional Function: Recording Function
  • Screen Size: 2.4″
  • Image Resolution (Video): Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Product Size: 110*95*30mm
  • Gross Weight: 600g
  • Material: ABS
  • Print Photo Size: 86*99mm
  • Long Battery Life

Benefits of Customized Instant Print Cameras

Minimalist – Comes in a sleek design and minimalist colors, the instant print camera is truly simple yet appealing at the same time. It is easy to blend with other creative tools, and people would love to keep it with their most prized possessions.

Convenient – This customizable promotional item is compact in nature. It is very convenient to use as it combines the features of a camera and printer in one. Customers can bring it wherever and whenever they want. It is certainly perfect for people who are always on the go.

Saves Time – Waiting time will not be boring anymore! This instant print camera has a 1-second printing feature that saves time and lets the users enjoy the most out of it.

Timely for the New Normal Set Up – Adapting to the new normal setup, an instant print camera is an excellent option for everyone. It helps users to capture and print in the comfort of their own home. It decreases the risk of going out and provides an excellent investment as well. Accordingly, people may unravel more and more advantages as they purchase one.

Can be Customized and Branded with Company’s Logo – Totally customizable, this instant print camera can be branded with your company’s name/ logo. This is easily one of the best promotional product ideas that can develop your marketing strategy and help you click with your brand’s potential buyers and fans.

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