Offering interesting but useful branded promotional gifts is effective for any business to grow their brand exposure and win over clients. We have this new promotional giveaway idea, which is the custom multi-tool card. This handy item will for sure pique the interest of new clients and will boost your overall brand image!

Custom Multi Tool Card

Custom Multi Tool Card

Why this Custom Multi-Tool Card?


This card can be used for many purposes, such as a can opener, ruler, wrench, and a bottle opener. Unlike other utility cards, this has an added function – which is a retractable mobile phone stand! Hence, this is a very practical and must0have item for your clients. Furthermore, this will definitely have high utility and your clients will thank you for this.

Custom Multi-Tool Card

Custom Multi-Tool Card


This product is in the size of a credit card and is very slim. So customers can fit this product in their wallet. Being small and compact means it will not consume much bag space and is very convenient for them to bring around.  Keeping it in their wallets means that they are also very unlikely to lose it.


This product can be made of either stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, or plastic, hence, they are very durable. Thus, users can use this product for a long period of time without worrying about it being damaged.


You can have your brand logo printed on it, such as by laser, engraving, offset, or screen printing. You can customise the colour of the product that best suits your brand. This is achieved through the type of printing and coating method used, like silkscreen, offset printing, and epoxy coating.

Custom Multi-Tool Card

Custom Multi-Tool Card

Furthermore, you can also decide on the plating of the product. You can choose to plate the product with gold or silver to make it high-end or go for the cheaper option, plating them with other metals.

Lastly, the product can come in custom packaging. You can opt for simple packaging or a higher-end one by paying an additional cost. Indeed, they will make very premium bespoke gifts for your client!

How will the custom multi-tool card help your business?

Suitable for kind of any promotion

They are great for any kind of promotion such as a trade show gift, corporate gift, employee appreciation gift, gift with purchase, or contest giveaway. They are also a great promotional idea for companies in the drinks, tech, or professional services industry. Nonetheless, their customers will appreciate this gift and put them to good use!

Custom Multi-Tool Card

Custom Multi-Tool Card

Brand exposure

This is a winning strategy to give customers gifts because they will keep something with your logo branded on it. Plus if the gift is made from high-quality metal, practical, and has visual appeal, they will use it on a daily basis. Furthermore, other potential clients will see it and will notice your logo on it.

Brand Image

Giving premium corporate gifts like the custom multi-tool card would definitely boost the brand image and perceived value of your business. Customers will be impressed by the high-quality and innovation of the product you give. In addition, this gift is very unique and will hence allow your brand to stand out from competitors. Thus, you will give a positive impression to your customers because you offer a gift that is high-end, cool, and useful.

Strengthen Customer Relationships and Loyalty

Giving a high-end bespoke marketing gift like the multi-tool card can foster good relationships with your clients. Your clients will be happy and appreciative of your company. Also, they will always choose your services because of customer rewards.

As aforementioned, the gift can be part of a contest giveaway, so this can entice customers to purchase your product in order to obtain the product as a free gift. Hence, this will ensure customer loyalty to your brand.

How ODM can help

Custom Multi-Tool Card

Custom Multi-Tool Card

Overall, this unique and innovative item will entice new customers to your brand. They make great custom promotional gifts for any kind of marketing campaign and industry. Having this in your promotional is a winning strategy as you will ensure brand loyalty and boost your brand image and exposure.

Fancy having this product in your next promotional campaign? Feel free to contact the ODM team and quote product code ODM-3026.

Our team can help you with any corporate gift idea. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and specialise in many areas such as promotional product design, product sourcing, quality control, and manufacturing. You can entrust us with any of your projects! Looking for something unique and out of the box, we also have a talented team of designers from Mindsparkz, to help you with product brainstorming and design.


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