Having an emergency kit is very important especially when you are in unfamiliar territory. However, emergency bags can be cumbersome. This is where a portable, credit card size tool set comes in. If you are an event manager that specializes in “crisis prevention” then handing out a promotional survival kit is necessary to drive your message home.


Promotional Survival Kit

Heading off to the wilderness is undoubtedly thrilling. You might find yourself overplanning and constantly unloading tricky items from your backpack. Bringing bulky tools is clearly not a smart move at all, as it will just cause inconvenience. Here’s when this promotional survival kit steals the limelight. Investing in a tool kit can offer consumers a lot of advantages more than they can think of.

promotional survival kit

Promotional Survival Kit

1. Portability and Durability

Consumers are certainly fond of promotional products that offer convenience. This promotional survival kit comes in the size of a credit card, a total game changer! Having it will definitely make their life easier because it is portable and handy. It minimizes the need to bring bulky tools that might just slow them down during their travel. Moreover, this kit is made from stainless steel; hence the quality is guaranteed. Products made from this material are certainly strong, resistant to corrosion, and resistant to extreme temperature.

2. Great Value in A Pocket-Size Package

This promotional survival kit is a great example of a small but extremely useful promotional product. A powerful pocket-size toolset, it features 7 survival items on it. It includes 1 short hook, a triple peak pick, an auto jiggler, a  short wafer pick, a  four and five-pin comb pick, a tension bar, and a handcuff key. People can easily detach these tools from this card when needed.

3. Crafted for Performance and Ensures Safety

Built with high-quality material, this promotional survival kit is definitely crafted for performance. Consumers can go ahead with their trip with peace of mind as they are equipped with this kit. It ensures their safety in encountering emergencies out in the wild. Offering your market a handy survival tool that they can bring with them everywhere can certainly impose strong customer retention. This will help them understand what your brand is all about and trust your services.

4. Highly Customizable Product

This handy tool is a highly customizable product. You can modify the tools that come with it for a variety of options. For a distinct impression, you can create categories for this promotional survival kit depending on basic survival skills. Furthermore, putting your brand’s logo on this survival kit will clearly spread awareness and gain recognition from the market.


Who Can Use This Product?

Do you enjoy engaging in outdoor recreations? These recreational activities definitely bring us closer to nature and let us experience the hidden beauty of the wilderness. But as we headed deep into the backcountry, there are certainly a lot of things that can happen. Some might be deemed remarkable, but some might not be good at all. Committing to such activities requires basic survival skills that will be handy when you’re least expecting it. Consequently, backpackers should always come prepared as they head off to the trails.

Police officers and students can use this kit to protect themselves against criminals. While outdoor gear retailers and car dealers can offer these products as marketing gifts for their clients.


What Are the Advantages?

For Businesses:

Having this survival kit as your promotional product would definitely drive sales to your business. It can offer a versatile promotional item that will be perfect to offer for different industries.

Eent organizers can increase awareness among individuals of the importance of disaster and crisis preparedness. This kit may serve as a promotional giveaway gift during the seminar. It would also be a perfect branded on-pack promotion for businesses selling outdoor gear and accessories.

For Customers:

People undoubtedly love to invest in their safety. Thus, investing in things that can make them feel secure would be one of their priorities. This promotional survival kit is a go-to tool that may keep them feel safe all the time. Outdoor people— hikers, mountaineers, campers, and even people with life-threatening jobs can definitely use this survival kit. The kit is a bit more inexpensive compared to other survival tools available in the market. Though inexpensive, the quality of the product was not sacrificed.

promotional survival kit

Promotional Survival Kit


How Can ODM Help You With Your Promotions?

If you think this promotional product would help you boost your brand image and sales, do not hesitate to connect with us. Send us an email using this product code: ODM-3534. We have in-house product designers that can help you create the design you have in mind. Why worry about your marketing products to use when somebody can create them for you? ODM has the expertise in creating custom promotional products and unique brand packaging designs for businesses. We can help you build authority in product marketing.


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