Nescafé is an instant coffee brand made by Nestlé. They offer a wide range of product forms. Nescafé  product range was introduced in Switzerland in 1938 and since then the coffee brand has grown massively across the world. Recently in Spain it has been offering its clients with a great deal that will certainly improve their customer relationships and attract potential new ones very soon. The deal consists of purchasing the coffee bottle and receiving a free branded mug as a giveaway. Efficient and a very simple way of offering a on-pack promotional product.

Below we can see a picture of the kind of promotion Nescafé has been introducing in Spain:


Giveaway by Nescafé: Branded Mug

How effective will this giveaway result in Nescafé´s marketing campaign?

Well, most of the time a giveaway improves customer perceptions towards our brand which guarantees that they will leave the shop very satisfied. In this case, they are offering a free mug with their logo. Normally, a giveaway should be a product that we need to think carefully and understand properly as it will be the one that will help us improve our profit margins. In this case, the mug will be used by client in a daily basis and every day they will have physical contact with your branded product which means that they will remember you and probably go back to your local shop to purchase even more quantities.

It is very important to understand what our brand offers to be able to think out of the box and offer really creative promotional products that our main rivals would struggle to obtain. This is what will differentiate and create a competitive advantage over our rivals. Also, people´s word of mouth can influence in their close relatives as they can talk so good about a product that the message receiver will decide to purchase a product from your brand as a trial and if satisfied keep buying more in a regular basis. A giveaway will always make happy your customer as it adds value the service you offer.

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