A custom shaker is one way to get people talking! We love this promotional incentive gift from Nescafe, who are providing customers that buy ‘Red Cup’ Coffee and Coffee-Matt with a complimentary customized shaker. This is a great example of how promotional marketing can help you achieve sales objectives. Indeed, using personalized promotional products is a great method for brands that want to boost sales.


Nescafe Wows Shoppers with a Promotional Incentive Gift

Nescafe Wows Shoppers with a Promotional Incentive Gift


Blue coloring has connotations of ‘fresh’ which certainly adds to the appeal of the coffee. The brand logo is also incredibly well placed along with this fun graphic design. Custom giveaway ideas need to consider making a gift that compliments your existing product. In this case study, drinkers of Nescafe will enjoy a shaken ice coffee as a result of the free gift. This will make them more likely to re-buy the coffee.


Nescafe Wows Shoppers with a Promotional Incentive Gift

Nescafe Wows Shoppers with a Promotional Incentive Gift


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Why we love this Promotional Incentive Gift & why this works for Drinks Marketing Ideas:

  • Customer Loyalty: Give back! Happy customers will maintain loyalty to your brand. Offering products that a potential customer will actually enjoy, and find use of is how to make an effective promotion – this will also help build success and crucial recognition via word of mouth and various other social channels. Not to mention the free advertising from putting the Nescafe Logo on the shaker.


  • Finer Brand Remembrance: The aforementioned factor means that customers will remember your brand. This is both due to the positive customer experience and the fact that the brand logo is well placed on this item.


  • Practical: We spotted this deal at a store in Thailand. A custom coffee shaker seems appropriate here as coffee lovers can still enjoy their brew in the hot weather – changing it up for an ice coffee. This adds to its design appeal, a lot of thought has been put into providing customers with a gift that is both free and practical.


  • Customisable: Easily create that unique design with the help of our experts. These shaker bottles are highly customisable in order to allow you to design them to your exact specifications


  • Competitive advantage: Promotions are an essential part of making profit. There is big competition between companies within the coffee industry, that’s why companies need to think of more interesting and  effective approaches for their promo campaign.


Could a Promotional Incentive Gift, such as this Coffee Shaker, boost your business? Would offering a Gift enhance your customer loyalty?

Here at the ODM we have an expert team of designers and manufactures that can produce products exactly to your desire. So get in contact with us today – we’d love to hear from you! 



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