4 Ways Promotional Phone Accessories Can Drive New Leads

We stare at our phones more than 90 times a day, a recent study revealed. As such, this makes our mobile phones a great place to advertise, and we are not talking about the ads that pop up on your screen. We are referring to how effective promotional phone accessories are in conveying your marketing messages. And phone holders are one of those accessories that offer great branding opportunities. They can even help you drive new leads!

Promotional Phone Accessories

Promotional Phone Accessories

Last time, we wrote about how silicone phone holders can be used for a brand launch. Today, we are going to show you another type of silicone phone holder, how it is different from the previous ideas we have shown you, and how you can use them to promote your brand, events, and launch a product.


Features of Silicone Lanyard Strap Phone Holders

  • Made from silicone, this phone holder with a lanyard strap comes in various colors. It also a metal hook that allows users to attach the main holder to the strap.
  • Size: 165*71MM
  • Weight:39G
  • Color: pink/blue/black/green/red etc
  • The detachable lanyard strap can be worn as a necklace, wrist strap, or can be attached to a backpack, purse, or zipper.
  • ID card slot
Promotional Phone Accessories

Promotional Phone Accessories


How is this Different from Other Phone Holders?

Unlike the normal ones, which are usually stationary, these phone holders can be worn by your target audience. This also means your customers will be advertising your brand wherever they go. They are more mobile and portable which makes them perfect for people who are always on the go.

Who can use this promotional idea? Virtually everyone who has a smartphone is sure to find this product useful.

Promotional Phone Accessories

Promotional Phone Accessories


How Promotional Phone Accessories Can Help You Drive New Leads

  • Display Your Brand: Show your logo or brand name on full display with mobile phone accessories. Accessories such as phone stands, holders, and lanyards have ample space to print your logos on. When customers wear this, your brand gets displayed in front of your target market’s eyes. This is great for events but due to restrictions caused by COVID 19, many companies are conducting online events. You can offer these silicone strap phones and cardholders as part of your online event gift.
Promotional Phone Accessories

Promotional Phone Accessories

  • Universal Appeal: Promotional phone accessories have universal appeal, which means they target both men and women, and young and old. Every person who has a smartphone will need some kind of accessory if they want to be hands-free even for a moment. Products with a universal appeal are a win-win for both the brand and target consumers. Brands need not create a product that is targeted toward a specific market segment while virtually anyone who has a smartphone can use these products.


  • Great for Product Launch: With the pandemic still on the horizon, brand managers are looking for ways to make their brand known even with very little budget. And silicone strap phone holders are an inexpensive yet compact advertising solution for any company. They can be an ideal promotional item for online payment apps. Have your brand name printed on the silicone strap and offer them as a gift. Banks and financial organizations can even use them as a thank you gift for clients after every transaction or if you are promoting additional services your organization can offer.


  • Wearable Items Ensure Great Visibility 24/7: Items that can be worn allow people to showcase your brand wherever they go. Brand exposure is what companies aim for and this is why brand managers invest in branded apparel. However, unlike T-shirts and caps, this silicone strap phone holder can be used daily and will not easily get worn out or damaged.


Other Benefits

Easy and Fairly Inexpensive to Ship: Small, compact, and lightweight, shipping promotional phone accessories like this silicone strap phone holder may be inexpensive to ship as compared to other promotional items. The cost may depend on the weight and the volume of the package. For instance, many shipping companies use volumetric weight when charging shipping fees. Volumetric or dimensional weight is obtained by multiplying the length, width, and height of your package. As such, effective packaging is extremely important to maximize your marketing budget.

Promotional Phone Accessories

Promotional Phone Accessories


Convenience: People want something that can help them improve their everyday lives. This is why there is a huge demand for phone accessories. The silicone strap phone holder allows users to wear their phones around their necks without restricting their movements. The freedom to be hands-free and move about without limiting their activities.

Trendy: The vibrant colors make them really stand out. The trendy style makes them really appropriate for a wide range of customers.


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