Thank You Gift for Clients: Portable Juicer with Logo for Office Promos

There are only a few days before the year 2020 ends. Now is the best time to thank your clients for doing business with you. Show your appreciation with this awesome thank you gift for clients: portable juicer with logo!

Thank You Gift for Clients

Thank You Gift for Clients

Get your brand out there and make sure that your clients are drinking healthy. Christmas and New Year mean lots of food and drinks on the table. After all these festivities, we need to detoxify our bodies so we can start the New Year in great shape.

This portable Juicer with logo is an excellent corporate gift idea as this is practical, unique, durable, and handy!


Portable Juicer: Features and Benefits

  • Portable: Weighing only 1 lbs, this USB portable juicer is truly portable. Clients will surely love this unique corporate gift because the USB portable juicer can be carried inside their backpacks or handbags. As it is lightweight, they can have a cup of smoothie wherever they go- be it in the office, while commuting, or outdoors.


  • BPA-Free: This USB juicer is BPA-free and baby food-grade, which means, there are no harmful chemicals in the material that could affect the taste and quality of the food. Therefore, they are perfectly safe to use.
Thank You Gift for Clients

Thank You Gift for Clients


  • Durable: Made from Tritan material, this juicer is guaranteed durable. Tritan is a kind of plastic material that has great shatter resistance, which means it will not break easily unlike glass or other plastic materials.


  • Rechargeable: This cute little device can work for approximately 15 hours when fully charged. It does not use any battery, so it is not just energy-saving, but money-saving as well.


  • Safe to Use: The blades are hidden so as to prevent injuries when it is being cleaned. It also has a non-slip rubber sleeve to ensure that the cup will not slip from the hands.


What Makes this a Thoughtful Thank You Gift for Clients?

Handy Kitchen Gadget: Make a healthy smoothie in under 1 minute any time anywhere! Clients will be happy to receive this useful item which they can use wherever they go. They can use it at home, or take it to work. Perfect for people with an active lifestyle, this cute gadget will give them a fresh juice drink even when they are out on a hike or just chilling at the beach.

Encourages Healthy Snacking: The daily stress at work can have an adverse effect on our health and diet. This USB portable juicer-blender is great for working adults who want to have a healthy drink within their reach. So instead of consuming soda or caffeinated drinks, they are encouraged to drink healthier beverages that they made themselves.

Thank You Gift for Clients

Thank You Gift for Clients

Daily Exposure: We are confident that this thank you gift for clients will gain your company enormous daily brand exposure! It is easy and fun to use, which makes this gadget a must-have in every health buff’s kitchen. Moreover, sharing this with friends increases brand impressions exponentially.

Timely: We all need to boost our immune system if we want to stay on top of our game. And with the threat of COVID 19, we need to eat and drink healthy now more than ever. As such, this portable juicer is a timely thank you gift that everyone will appreciate.

Unique Company Gift: We do not always see blenders being offered as a thank you gift for clients. So with this unique gift, clients will eventually associate great gifts with great business with you.


Our Key Takeaways…

When it comes to corporate gifting, the kind of gift you are giving is as important as the message you want to convey. While promotional office supplies such as flash drives with logo stationery, and pens are great ideas, you may want to try offering something different yet promises to improve their health and well-being.

Handy, portable, and cute, this portable USB juicer provides a solution to a real need: healthy drinks on demand! They will love this innovative idea and how easy they can have fresh fruit drinks whenever they please.

When it comes to customizing the portable juicer, the possibilities are endless! Get your logo printed on the cap or container to enhance brand positioning. The colors can be Pantone-matched to your signature brand colors, too! This will be an ideal logistics, corporate, and real estate promotional items.


So, would you like to wow your clients with a portable USB juicer? Then contact our team today and do not forget to reference the product code ODM-3248 to learn more about how we can help with customizations and designs.

ODM is your one-stop-shop for all things promotional. We design, source, manufacture promotional products tailored for your business. We take on the challenge of turning everyday items into fantastic corporate and marketing gifts. Do contact us if you need help with new promotional product ideas to impress your clients!


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