The gaming world is a popular industry that will never lose its popularity. Modern technology in the video game world has improved so much, an augmented reality gaming gun has been designed. It is a great way for video game companies or electronic stores to give out has high end giveaways.

ODM staff had lots of fun at the HK Electronics shows recently and this is one of our recommended products.  Augmented Reality AR Guns.

High End Giveaways

High End Giveaways

High End Giveaways- Why should we buy this AR game gun?

AR (augmented reality) is a gaming gun designed for Smartphones. This game is portable and combines the virtual world with the video game world. With the AR game app, it allows players to feel like they are having a realistic experience. Furthermore, there are more than 20 free apps within the app. In addition, this game allows the player to trace and shoot the target, in a 360 degree rotation. One can truly feel immersed in the game- a great present for adults, kids and families.

How to market these High End Giveaways:

Free GWP- Different electronic stores such as Target, Walmart and Best Buy or individual gaming stores like X-box and Game Stop can offer this game. Free GWP are thrilling to a customer, allowing them to buy more items. Making the customers feel elated about free stuff gain helps your company’s sales.

Promotions Different promotional strategies is a great way for your company to send the brands message out. Various promotions on social media can augment your company and brand.

On-pack Promotions- Again, if electronic stores or different gaming companies adds this game to their newest x-box system or virtual reality googles, many customers would purchase your branded item. Additionally, this game is great for boys ages 15-25.

High End Giveaways- Why market the AR Game Gun:

Brand recognition/recall Placing your logo on this game gun will help with brand awareness. This game is great at events. Imagine seeing these at a party, many people can see the branded gaming gun and immediately want one. Furthermore, customers can remember the game because your company was branded on the gun.

Brand value- Everyone loves receiving free stuff. Marketing this game will entice people and become familiar with your brand. Also, these AR game gun is a perfect game for everyone to enjoy. Download the AR gaming app to any smartphone and start playing a 3D- virtual experience game- bringing excitement to adults and children.

Additional customers- I think everyone has heard of virtual gaming, but not everyone has one because they tend to be expensive. By giving this game out as a giveaway, it not only makes your customers feel special because they know you are thinking about them, but it will attract a lot of customers. Enticing them to buy your branded product.

Below are some other ideas for giveaways- check them out:

This electronic store is giving away Adidas merchandise and Godiva vouchers. More popular brands can tag-team with your company for giveaways- a way to augment your brand. Here, is another spectacular giveaway idea.

Two corporations, created an application called iButterfly for customers to win free prizes. In fact, all you do is download the application on the App Store or Android Market and win different prizes from Colgate. Another great giveaway idea.

These retractable phone chargers are a great giveaway product. In addition, these phone chargers are practical, customizable and uniquely designed. Great idea for your company to consider as promotional giveaways.