Many establishments are yet to open during this time. So many companies are hiring remote employees not only to save overhead costs associated with an in-office staff but also to protect the business. So, how do you make your remote onboarding very exciting? Here’s a clever gift idea to welcome your remote staff. Timely and highly functional, this wireless charger with logo would definitely excite them.

wireless charger with logo

Wireless Charger with Logo

A study shows that employees working remotely are more productive than those working in the office. Letting them perform their tasks within the comfort of their homes is somehow a productive and lucrative endeavor. Sending your newly hired employees some branded WFH gifts would be an effective way to welcome them.


Exceptional Benefits of Wireless Charger

As working from home has become a mainstay of the new work setup, connecting with them is very crucial. Reaching them became easier with the use of modern technology.

Having mobile phones is a very handy way to get in touch with them. As such, this gadget has become part of their day-to-day work. This also means that they have to make sure that their devices are fully charged. That is why having a portable charger is extremely necessary. Here are the benefits you and your employees may get from this wireless charger:


For Employees

1. No more tangled wires

Ditch your wired chargers. This electric wireless charger is the most convenient way to recharge your mobile phone today. It has a Qi charging spot that allows you to power up your device anytime. Qi, on the other hand,  is the wireless transfer of power through inductive charging.

wireless charger with logo

Designed with USB micro-B, Type C, and lightning Qi adapters, this wireless charger is compatible with almost all kinds of mobile devices.


2. Multi-task Performance

This power bank pad has a 2-in- 1 functionality. As a power bank, it has a built-in LED light indicator that displays the mobile charging status.  But aside from its charging purpose, it also serves as a mousepad. The soft, velvety finish of the mousepad protects the mouse from possible damage and provides comfort to your wrist.

wireless charger with logo

Wireless Charger with Logo

Available as a gift set, a wireless mouse is also included in the package. The mouse has a Bluetooth feature that has 10 meters transmission range. It can be functional for 25 hours and need only two hours to be fully charged.


3. No Wear and Tear

During the WFH setup, your employers would surely call you multiple times in a day or in a week. And they might even call you while your phone is charging.  And to clearly understand what they are saying, you’ll probably have to disconnect your phone from the charger. The frequent connecting and removing of the gadget from the charger results in the charger’s malfunction or damage to your phone’s charging ports.

The micro-textured surface of the mouse pad is ideal for all-optical and laser mice. Its non-slip rubber base also makes this mousepad charger withstand day-to-day use.


3. Easy and Safe to Use

Compared with wired chargers, this portable and innovative power bank pad is definitely a brilliant technological advancement. The birth of this LED wireless charger with logo is absolutely great news not just to every tech enthusiast, but also to anyone who prefers to have a handy charger. You’ll never experience fiddling with cords anymore. Wireless, this charger is definitely a time saver. You just have to rest your mobile phone on the pad, and Viola! Your phone will start recharging.

wireless charger with logo 2

In addition, this mousepad is foldable. If you wish to, you can fold it while charging your device. Hence, it only occupies a small area on your desk.


For Businesses

1. Practical & Budget-Friendly

This wireless charger with logo is definitely a very economical present to send to your onboarding staff. Since they still need to abide by the work restrictions, welcome gifts for employees is something that they will certainly appreciate. It comes with a wireless mouse, a power bank pad, and a charging cable, this gift set is surely worth every penny spent.

wireless charger with logo

Wireless Charger with Logo

2. Customizable

With a size of 350*21 size0*3mm, this pad is a perfect canvas on which you can print your logo.  Printing your company logo on the product would be an effective gimmick for your business. Moreover, customizing it with your employees’ names would surely make them feel that you care and appreciate them. Adding trendy designs to the pad would make it more appealing to your employees.


3. Increases Brand Recall

The first impression lasts. Thus, making a good image from the start is a perfect strategy to gain trust. Offering this wireless charger with logo as a welcome gift to your new staff can increase the trust they have towards your business.

Moreover, having your logo imprinted on the item is a better way to increase your brand visibility in this new normal. It is sure to build a sense of familiarity and belongingness when being used.


To Wrap Things Up…

Welcoming your new employees in this new normal is very important. It makes them become more familiar with your company, foster team spirit, and create a warm welcoming environment despite not being able to interact face to face. Besides, it helps you learn more about them. Moreover, practical and useful gifts can help boost their productivity and make them feel valued.


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