Are you looking for ideas for innovative promotions to match modern trends? We are pleased to announce that we have a brand new idea for your next promo campaign – LED Charger with photo print!

Innovative promotions - LED Charger with Photo Print

Innovative promotions – LED Charger with Photo Print

In recent years, technologies stepped far forward and we can see great innovations in every aspect of our lives. Today people can’t do business without information technologies, teenagers can’t leave their homes without mobile phones and earphones. So why not capitalize on this technological craze?

Innovative promotions - LED Charger with Photo Print

Innovative promotions – LED Charger with Photo Print

Power banks are already present in our everyday life. That’s why it is a really good idea for a brand promotion campaign. But today we would like to present to you a very unique power bank. With this item, you offer your customers a useful product while also promoting your brand.

Innovative promotions - LED Charger with Photo Print

Innovative promotions – LED Charger with Photo Print


Innovative Promotions: Benefits of LED Charger with Photo Print:

Big Branding Area

It is an LED charger with the actual illuminated photo on it, what can be the best example of branding? Actually the whole body of this promo item is a branding area. Due to its LED function, your brand logo or advertising can be seen even in the dark. This effectively promotes your brand and helps you build greater brand awareness.

Sponsorship marketing

Power banks are perfect incentive prizes for those big companies which are sponsors or partners of some sports organization or competitions. For instance, FIFA World Cup is a prominent sporting event that attracts large crowds and brands together. This is a great opportunity to gain massive exposure and new customers from different demographics. And because a LED charger is unique but also universal, everyone would certainly like to have it, especially as a souvenir from their favorite sports team or event. Offering useful mobile phone accessories will definitely increase your brand’s value.


This can also be used as a custom torch when your customer’s mobile is charging and can’t light the way. Portable and compact, this promotional product idea is convenient to carry and will not take a lot of space. As such, this is also a great addition to their travel essentials. They can also display this on their desktop at work. Moreover, it will help your clients whenever they need to make an important call while the battery charging level is close to zero. Your customers and clients will surely appreciate your gift because it greatly improves their everyday life.

Adds Value

Unlike promotional keychains or branded glassware, power banks have a higher perceived value. One, because they are a bit costly as compared to the usual promotional items. When given as a corporate gift, it really adds weight to your sincerity and credibility as a company.

When offered as a gift with purchase, people are more likely to buy your products. This is because they know how expensive one power bank can be when bought at a retail price. Offering this product as a purchase with purchase is also another way to add value and boost ROI for your business. People will see this as money well spent.


If you like this innovative promotions idea please feel free to contact us today and quote ODM – 1336. We have vast experience in sourcing, designing and manufacturing so you can rely on our team. With our in-house design team, Mindsparkz, we will help you come up with beautiful and effective product and brand packaging designs.

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What is a LED charger with photo print?

This charger is different than the usual ones. Compact and portable, this features a LED function and a space to advertise your brand. Not only will this recharge your battery juice but its LED functionality also works as a torch.

How would innovative promotional items help you boost your brand?

Innovative promotional products can add immense value to your brand. As they are practical and innovative they answer to a real need: to make life easier. One such good example is this LED charger with photo print.

How do I market this LED charger with photo print?

There are many ways to customize and use them within your marketing campaign. You can offer them as a GWP together with tech products such as smartphones and laptops. This would also make a great corporate gift. The wide imprint area allows you to advertise your company to anyone who uses it.