Wondering how to remain on top of your industry? Do you want to know how you can keep up with the trends and demands of the market? Well, let’s put an end to your pondering and start upgrading your brand today! Let us show you the way to success with sustainable packaging innovations!

With the ever-changing trends in the market, sustainability has become a constant for real. Sustainable marketing is certainly attracting a wider range of consumers these days. From environmentally-friendly products, services, and packaging solutions— people are fast becoming more eco-conscious in their buying decisions.

Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Sustainable Packaging Innovations


In one of our latest blogs, we have featured a Sustainable Packaging Concept that is ideal for the FMCG industry. It highlights the benefits of nonwoven and silicone beverage carriers for food delivery companies. Unlike single-use plastics, these are tools that can be reused as they are very sturdy.


Sustainable Packaging Innovations: Keeping Up With the Packaging Industry

Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Sustainable Packaging Innovations


“Packaging can be a theater; it can create a story.”

 Steve Jobs

Today, let’s talk about Sustainable Packaging Innovations. These revolutionary packaging concepts are getting popular in the market as environmental concerns are progressively top of mind for consumers. For brands, it is a great opportunity to sustain the interest of their target audiences. This is to prevent the same story from boring out consumers.

From time to time, businesses have to keep on innovating. And in the packaging industry, innovation has the utmost importance since packaging is the first thing that draws consumers’ attention. To stand out in the market and set a distinction, brands need to keep up with the innovations in the packaging industry.


Why Should You Choose Sustainable Packaging Innovations?

Appeal to the Desire of Consumers.

Apparently, sustainability as a marketing value is changing how consumers shop nowadays. As people demand companies to be more environmentally responsible, their desire to do business with sustainable brands grows as well. Hence, choosing to incorporate sustainable packaging innovations will profoundly appeal to the desire of your target audiences.


Delivers A Great Customer Experience.

By knowing the desire of your consumers, you can now plan a marketing strategy that will meet their demands. In addition to their growing environmental awareness, consumers pay attention to brands taking the leap towards green marketing. Showing them that you are part of this change will definitely give them peace of mind. Thus, improving customer experience.


Innovations Buck the Norm.

A lot of industries have been relying on plastic packaging. However, plastic packaging is extremely wasteful, making it one of the leading environmental problems. If you are one of these companies that use plastic packaging, it is high time to opt for green alternatives. Buck the norm and exhibit boldness in your revolutionary packaging!


The Way to Top onto the Green Marketing Train

Sustainable packaging innovations are just one of the smart movements in the packaging industry. Brands are gradually incorporating environment-friendly packaging solutions into their marketing. To cite a brilliant example, one of the most renowned fast-food chains, Mcdonald’s, is leaping to source all of its “guest packagings from renewable, recycled or certified sources by 2025.

Choosing sustainable packaging is more than just jumping onto the bandwagon. It is clearly a brilliant approach that will definitely bring up your brand’s name into the limelight. Keep your business relevant in the changing market and achieve top of the heap marketing.


Top Picks for Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Taking a leap is definitely not easy. Sourcing out new promotional product packaging can be challenging. Fret not! The ODM team got you here! We have listed below our top 4 picks from our superb product packaging ideas to help you decide which packaging innovation to choose.


1. Kraft Paper Board Tube Packaging

Kraft paperboard is a sustainable material that is made out of wood pulp. It is infinitely stronger than any other paperboard in the market. With this quality, this Kraft paperboard tube packaging is clearly an excellent sustainable packaging. It is a great packaging solution for small glass bottles such as essential oil and serum bottles. This tube packaging comes in different colors and is 100% compostable. Interested in this astounding packaging option? Don’t forget to quote product code ODM-3617 in sending us your email of inquiry!

Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Sustainable Packaging Innovations


2. Kraft Paper Board Canisters

Eco-friendly packaging cans? Let’s make them more stunning! These custom promotional cans are made out of food-grade Kraft paper material and feature food-grade aluminum foil inside to prevent moisture from seeping in. It is protected with laminated plant-based PLA film that maintains the color of the packaging can. Each can is produced with a beautiful and smooth rolled edge for a more distinct look. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of lid options and custom paper materials. Product code ODM-3614.

Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Sustainable Packaging Innovations

This is ideal for cosmetics, cookies, powdered milk, tea, coffee, powdered juice, breakfast cereals, condiments, and even vitamins.


3. Kraft Stand Up Pouches

Ever heard of stand-up pouches? It has become the go-to option for different brands offering food, household items, pet food, personal care products, and medicines. With these pouches, you can significantly increase the shelf life of an item and provide extra protection from moisture.

Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Sustainable Packaging Innovations


Each pouch features a thickened sealing strip that prevents the contents from coming into contact with air or dust. It also comes with an easy-tear design making it convenient to open and close. This packaging innovation is also made from eco-friendly Kraft paper material into the bargain. Reference code ODM-3616 when sending us an email.

Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Sustainable Packaging Innovations


4. Eco-Friendly Cardboard Cylinder

This eco-friendly cardboard cylinder is an excellent alternative to traditional plastic containers. As this is made out of recycled Kraft paper material, this is an impressive packaging to cosmetic products and balm tinctures with its impeccable shape and durability. Furthermore, it has an oil-proof lining paper inside that makes it convenient to use for gel and wax. Product code ODM-3591.

Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Sustainable Packaging Innovations


What Now?

Kraft and cardboard paper are a brilliant alternative to plastic packaging as it can be made from recycled materials. As it is easier to handle than glass, it will not break easily during transit or when being stacked on shelves. Therefore, it only makes economical sense to invest in such packaging solutions. Definitely ideal for food, cosmetics, pet food, tea, and condiments, they will not only help retailers break free from plastic dependency, but this will also encourage responsible branding and marketing.

If you are interested in sourcing new promotional packaging solutions, get in touch with our team. Don’t forget to quote the product codes mentioned above when contacting our team and start sustainable marketing today. We will always be more than happy to assist you with all things promotional!

The ODM  team has been helping business owners, retailers, and manufacturers develop unique and customizable eco-friendly packaging ideas and marketing gifts for years now. From eco-friendly corporate gifts to eco-friendly packaging concepts, and biodegradable products, we can help you out!

Our dedicated team of super designers, Mindsparkz, is also here to help you create an eco-friendly packaging design for you!

So, do you want to be part of the change? Join us today. Contact ODM now!


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