Many companies are integrating green marketing in their business operations nowadays. And eco-friendly packaging will surely pick up more steam in 2021. Here at ODM, we help companies come up with out-of-the-box packaging concepts that speak to eco-conscious buyers.

The retail industry is one of the major consumers of plastic. The packaging sector alone uses around 35-45 percent of plastic (depending upon the region). This is why it is important to use eco-friendly alternatives to help reduce the use of plastic-based packaging.

So, here are some green packaging ideas you may want to consider for your business.


Green Packaging Concepts for Your Business

Bamboo-Based Packaging

Abundant in Asia and other sub-tropical countries, bamboo grass is fast-growing and does not need special care. Besides being a source of food and construction material, it is also valuable as a packaging material.

We visited a trade show recently and we could not pass up on the chance to take a closer look at these bamboo storage boxes.

Packaging Concepts

Packaging Concepts – Bamboo Boxes and Containers

They come in a variety of colors and shapes and are ideal for jewelry, watches, candies, chocolates, sunglasses, handkerchiefs, and towels.

Packaging Concepts

Packaging Concepts – Bamboo Containers

Would this bamboo packaging boost your sustainable marketing this 2021? If so, contact us with product code ODM-3374.


Bamboo Boxes

What makes these bamboo containers different is that they are much more solid than the above examples. There were wooden chests, circular boxes, and virtually any shape that you can think of.

Packaging Concepts

Packaging Concepts

These packaging ideas would be ideal for tea, spices, jewelry, food, and chocolate as they can seal in the aroma and preserve the quality of these goods. The solid wood body also provides stability to fragile items such as bottles of perfume and wine.

Do you see your company using this packaging idea to sell your products? Then, contact us today and quote product code ODM-3373.



We have featured so many custom cork products here in our blog before. Cork products are gaining popularity nowadays due to their uniqueness, flexibility, and being eco-friendly.

Packaging Concepts

Packaging Concepts – Spectacle Case Made from Cork

When we say cork, what comes to mind? We think of wine whenever we hear this word. However, the application of cork goes beyond just being a wine bottle stopper.

Packaging Concepts

Packaging Concepts – Spectacle Case Made from Cork

Cork can be transformed into drink coasters, wallets, and bags. A more environmentally-friendly substitute for leather, this tree bark also makes ideal packaging for eyewear. Below are different spectacle cases made from cork.

Packaging Concepts

Packaging Concepts – Spectacle Case Made from Cork

This is definitely one versatile material to work with. So, if you like this concept, be sure to contact our team and do not forget to quote product code ODM-3441.


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If you are looking for more eco-friendly packaging ideas for your business, then be sure to check these blogs out.


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