Sustainable packaging captivates the eyes of both brands and consumers as never before. The pressing issues regarding the environment urge the market to be more environmentally responsible. If you are one of those companies incorporating sustainable marketing into your business operations, then here’s a great idea for you. We are proud to introduce to you this eco-friendly packaging, a nonwoven beverage carrier!

Sustainable Packaging Concepts

Sustainable Packaging Concepts

Strong and durable, this nonwoven beverage carrier is clearly a potent marketing tool never thought possible. It comes with a design that will definitely stir up the interest and curiosity of the market. This sustainable packaging concept can exquisitely present your brand! Let’s have a closer look:


Nonwoven Beverage Carrier

Made from Spunbond Polypropylene, it is comprised of unceasing filaments produced by an integrated fiber spinning, web formation, and bonding process. This material resembles cloth and fabric that is used in a wide array of applications. It offers environmentally friendly packaging contriving with recyclable materials.

Sustainable Packaging Concepts

Sustainable Packaging Concepts

Each beverage carrier comes in 20 x 20 cm size and various colors to choose from. The bottom part of the carrier can be a perfect space for brand positioning, where customers can clearly see your brand’s name or logo upon getting their item from it.

Sustainable Packaging Concepts

Sustainable Packaging Concepts


We can customize the size and color of this packaging according to your marketing needs for a distinct look. Incorporating your brand’s color and other specific elements into this beverage carrier will undoubtedly increase brand awareness. Let’s embellish your brand accordingly and let your product show different beauty!


Why Should I Choose this Sustainable Packaging Concept?

Wondering how you can benefit from choosing this nonwoven beverage carrier? Well, the reasons are indeed pouring! And here are some:


1. It is more than a trend.

Notably, “sustainable packaging” is more than just a buzzword. A lot of consumers are getting into sustainable living nowadays. Sustainability is being their top priority, especially when it comes to purchasing decisions. They will also be willing to pay for premium with brands who advocate green marketing. Even with the pandemic, consumers are expecting businesses to be more environmentally responsible.


2. Choosing sustainable packaging will broaden your consumer base.

As this packaging concept is getting noticed in the market today, it will definitely lure a lot of consumers in different industries. Its sustainable feature and unique modular design can be the talk of the town. This will be a great opportunity for your brand to be seen and recognized by your target market. Gradually, as the circular economy expands with popularity, so does the demand for sustainable packaging. Taking advantage of this will certainly broaden your consumer base.


Sustainable Packaging Concepts

Sustainable Packaging Concepts


3. It offers consolidated storage.

When implemented precisely, selecting sustainable packaging idea will lead to a more efficient way of storage. It will give you a chance to limit the space needed to accommodate your products, thus lowering your storage costs. Apparently, this carrier is lightweight and a total space saver! By choosing this nonwoven beverage carrier, you can minimize space and even open up additional room for a lineup of new promotional merchandise.


4. This campaign will buff up brand loyalty.

An environmentally-friendly brand will definitely catch the attention of the market. By incorporating a sustainable packaging concept into your business, you can increase brand awareness. This awareness will lead to gaining up the trust of your target audiences.

Exhibiting excellence while maximizing sustainable resources will give them the notion that your brand can be a part of their action towards sustainable living. This campaign will clearly help you to retain your consumers, welcome more and buff up brand loyalty.


We have previously featured a silicone wine carrier here before and it is oddly similar to this non-woven cup carrier. The only difference would be the material. However, both beverage packaging ideas are eco-friendly and reusable, ideal for food delivery businesses.

Fabricated from silicone material, this wine carrier can be a perfect replacement for cardboard and plastic bottle carriers. It is a creative promotional merchandise idea that we deem a very good wine packaging solution.


Sustainable Packaging Concepts

Sustainable Packaging Concepts

The modular design of this carrier can pique the interest of wine lovers out there. It is a collapsible wine carrier that you can fold flat when not in use and bring anywhere you want. With its non-slip property, this carrier can also work as a coaster, trivet, and insulation pad. Furthermore, this silicone wine carrier can be an ideal covermount gift you can use in your brand promotions. Product code ODM-3243.


What Now?

Sustainable packaging concepts can definitely boost your business. Including these in your brand marketing, especially for beverage promotions will help you keep up with the ever-changing trends in the market. With the booming popularity of sustainable marketing, this packaging will give you an edge over your competitors who have yet to jump to the sustainable marketing bandwagon.

If you are interested in sourcing new promotional packaging solutions, get in touch with our team. Don’t forget to quote the product code ODM-3606 when contacting our team and start sustainable marketing today. We will always be more than happy to assist you with all things promotional!

The ODM  team has been helping business owners, retailers, and manufacturers develop unique and customizable eco-friendly packaging ideas and marketing gifts for years now. From eco-friendly corporate gifts, to eco-friendly packaging concepts, and biodegradable products, we can help you out!

Our dedicated team of super designers, Mindsparkz, is also here to help you create an eco-friendly packaging design for you! Do you want to be part of the change? Join us today. Contact ODM now!


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