Reusable water bottles are used by many people nowadays as it is more sustainable, saves money along with the environment by reducing the usage of plastic bottles. Rather than having regular customized water bottles which many companies have started creating as promotional products, a multifunctional bottle has more use and higher perceived value. In this blog, we will be showing customisable water bottle ideas with added features to appeal to customers and beat your competitors!


4 Customized Water Bottles with Tech Features:

  • Water Bottle with In-built Wireless Earphone Case and Charger

This water bottle has two extra features which are handy as there is a wireless earphone case and charger. Whether your customers or employees are on the go and need to put their headphones away, or they’re low on battery and cannot find a socket outside, this works as a power bank.



The electric features are in the lid and are protected by waterproof material which makes it safe.



  • Custom Water Bottle with Phone Holder Band

The one item everyone always has with them is their mobile phones which is why this feature makes it an essential product to have. This is the perfect gift for beverage companies as they can use this custom drinking bottle to encourage customers to have a drink after a high-impact workout. The elastic silicone band makes sure the phone cannot slip. It’s a great water bottle to use for the gym, school, hiking, and other outdoor events.


  • Water Bottle with In-Built Fan

This is the perfect product for when the weather is super warm and everyone is carrying a water bottle. Make your customer’s lives easier by combining the two together!



  • Water Bottle with Bluetooth Speaker on Lid 

This waterproof customized water bottle has a built in wireless speaker on the lid which makes it unique. No need to take a speaker along with you, this speaker can easily attach to your phone. The device has a battery life of 8 hours and auto connects every time.



This bottle can hold 450ml of liquid. Water bottles with Bluetooth speakers are trendy promotional products!


3 Customized Water Bottles with Health-Based Features:

  • Bamboo Wood Insulated Water Bottle with Tea Strainer and Lid 

For a more sustainable option, this bamboo wooden bottle has more visual appeal and is insulated. The added feature for this bottle is the tea strainer which is unique as it is not common in flasks. It also has high perceived value as it Is associated with a more expensive loose-leaf tea rather than throwing in a teabag. This classy bottle is for higher end clients and perfect for tea companies.



  • Juicer Bottle 

A bottle with a juicer function is an innovative idea as many people enjoy fresh fruit juices. It is a great promotional product for companies in the drinks and healthy living industry looking to promote lifestyle and diet based values. At the top of the bottle, there is a filter to ensure the water is pure and at the bottom, there is a built-in juicer.


  • Pill Box Water Bottle 

This innovative pill box water bottle has an added utility which is perfect for healthcare companies. When consuming pills, a drink is usually needed. This detachable container has seven compartments, one for each day of the week. It makes it easier for customers to remember to take their pills and impossible to misplace them. The bottle resembles a protein shake product which is a good item for those who work out and use supplements. This makes it a good choice of promotional sports bottles for companies in the sports industries.


Why are Customized Water bottles effective?

These customized water bottles are a great incentive to promote your brand and raise awareness to increase sales. This convenient product is an everyday product which guarantees use. The design and logo are important as it has to be eye catching. However, there is plenty of space giving companies space to play around with. All of these multifunctional features offer something different and innovative from speakers, chargers, fans, filters and more. It will be great for target markets like tech users, outdoor enthusiasts and millennials who are looking for multifunctional, simple and stylish devices.


Which bottle would your customers like the most? Is your company seeking a high tech or sustainable product? What type of designs do you picture on the bottle? Would you like to upgrade the water bottle with a sleeve or bag?


At ODM, we have our in-house design team Mindsparkz who can help create some creative, mind-blowing designs. We have worked with numerous companies making a range of custom products to stand out against competitors. If interested in any of these products, please quote the product code when contacting our China or Vietnam office. The codes for each product are listed below:

Water Bottle with In-built Wireless Earphone Case and Charger – 2688

Custom water bottle with phone holder band – 2022

Water bottle with in-built fan – 2720

Bamboo Wood Insulated Water Bottle with Tea Strainer and Lid – 2588

Juicer Bottle – 1074

Pill box water bottle – 1441/1444

Water Bottle with Bluetooth Speaker on Lid – 2719


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