With the rapid advancement in technology, we can be as creative as we want and create any three-dimensional (3D) shapes! Perfect for the office or home, a custom 3D shape mug makes a great item to own. You can now bring the usefulness of in-house additive manufacturing wherever you go!

Now let’s dive into some awesome 3D printed mugs…

Jeans Ceramic Mug

Who doesn’t like denim? Jean style lovers will be able to take this look anywhere with this funky mug. This mug displays a perfect seam of jeans, featuring its legendary splash of blue. Now, you can create a mug with the same look as your favorite pair of jeans! This makes a great addition to your home.

custom 3d mug

Enjoy Your Favourite Beverage with a Custom 3D Mug

3D Bus Mug

Love vehicles? Perhaps this next model is for you! This 3D printed mug featuring a bus will be a great addition to your kitchen! Alternatively, if buses are not to your liking, you can choose to print cars, motorbikes and even airplanes onto your mug! Thus, there are limitless choices for you to choose from.

custom 3d mug

Enjoy Your Favourite Beverage with a Custom 3D Mug

Businessman Mug

Looking to spruce up your office desk? This businessman mug is the perfect choice for you! This mug is a silhouette of the lower half of a man smartly clothed in a suit and tie. For the girls, you can also customize this to a be a businesswoman.

custom 3d mug

Enjoy Your Favourite Beverage with a Custom 3D Mug

What are the benefits of a 3D mug?

  • Durable: As the mug is moulded into a 3D shape, it is mostly made using durable materials such as ceramic. This makes your spending worth every cent due to the long-lasting finish of the custom ceramic mug.
  • Design Appeal: There is a wide array of choices for the designs of these mugs. The 3D shape of the mugs is appealing and provides an additional dimension to the mugs. You can even customize your mug to include your brand logo!

Therefore, a custom 3D mug is a great promotional gift that can boost your marketing campaign. They make great gift with purchase items that can attract more customers.

How can a custom 3D mug boost your marketing?

Firstly, it provides brand exposure and visibility. People definitely use mugs in their everyday lives be it at home or at the office. You can print your company’s logo onto the mugs. Therefore, a promotional 3D mug will be sure to increase brand exposure. This is because customers will be used to seeing your company’s logo on the mugs. Secondly, they are easily customizable. There are many colors and designs available for you to choose so you can be rest assured that the customized mug will be to your liking.  Lastly, they are practical and functional. Mugs are an essential and useful part of our everyday lives. Furthermore, a customized mug will make customers feel that they are valued and improve the relationship between your brand and your customers.


We Can Help…

If you’re interested in a custom 3D shape mug, please do not hesitate to contact us today! Here at ODM, we specialize in promotional products that will be able to meet your needs and requirements. We are experienced in sourcing, designing and manufacturing promotional products. In addition, we have a dedicated team of in-house designers who will be able to provide you with amazing designs!

Interested in 3D shape mugs? Send us an email and quote product code 2605 to find out how we can help you customize these mugs for your business!


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