Guangdong People’s Government has ordered companies to suspend operations amid coronavirus outbreak. Businesses will remain closed until February 9.

Our sourcing office in Vietnam will be online to help our customers.  With immediate effect ODM is off shoring more production overseas to cope with this.

Orders which are manufactured in China will be shipped late and there is a lot of uncertainty from factories.  When will factory workers be able to commute back and pick up tools again?  Let us know how this effects you and we will update this article with news.

China Suppliers: How the Recent Outbreak Can Affect Chinese Goods Importers?

From a production standpoint, the recent coronavirus outbreak can have a massive impact on the supply chain in the region.

China Suppliers

China Suppliers

Factory workers have returned home for the Chinese New Year but since the holiday break has been extended to February 2nd (February 9th in some parts of China) factories might wait longer before they start operations. Production delays are to be expected.

Furthermore, China suppliers may impose stricter sanitary rules to ensure that the goods are safe to use. So if your supplier or factory is located in one of the affected cities, resumption of work might take weeks.

Coronavirus Outbreak – Why China Suppliers are Temporarily Closing

Companies in China are temporarily shuttering their doors in an attempt to prevent the spreading of novel coronavirus . The Chinese government has also extended the Lunar New Year holiday to contain the virus by restricting travels and public operations. According to reports, the virus has affected thousands and claimed more than 100 lives in a span of days.

Companies are advising employees to stay indoors and work from home. This comes after China put 13 cities on lockdown to contain the virus, which originated from Wuhan.

New cases have also been detected in other countries including Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, France, Canada, and Taiwan.

Here are some tips to protect yourself from the deadly coronavirus:

  • Avoid travelling to affected areas
  • Wash your hands thoroughly as the virus ca be passed through human contact.
  • Avoid close contact with infected individuals
  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze to prevent the spreading of the virus
  • Use face masks when travelling. Here are some heavy-duty masks you can use for such outbreaks:

Keep Safe During a Virus Outbreak with Branded Merchandise 

Always use a face mask and wipes whenever you travel. If you do not have hand sanitizers or waer source to wash your hands, use wet wipes to keep your hands clean.  Companies should be offering these to staff and customers now.  Our top pick is branded face masks.

Handy and portable, sanitizers are a must-have in your virus-protection kit! Check out these custom hand sanitizers:


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