Protecting ourselves from germs has become more important than ever with the recent ongoing Covid-19 virus. It is very important to wash your hands several times a day. A custom hand sanitizer will come in handy if you are in public places and can’t use water and soap. But what if you do not even have hand sanitizers? This antibacterial wipes dispenser is a perfect alternative to hand sanitizer because it’s very convenient for public places and the bin allows you to throw immediately used wipes.

Antibacterial wipes dispenser

Antibacterial wipes dispenser

Why do we love this antibacterial wipes dispenser for public places?

Convenient and useful – We love this antibacterial wipes dispenser because it’s very useful for public places. People can take wipes to clean their hands and then throw the used ones into the trash. It allows them to prevent the spread of the virus and protect ourselves from illnesses.

Keeps Hand Clean and Healthy – There are people with delicate skin. They may find antibacterial soaps and sanitizers too harsh for their skin type. But worry not! Wipes have a moisturizing solution that keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. Moreover, if you have small wounds or eczema on your hands, sanitizers and alcohol could hurt your hands. If you have skin issues, antibacterial wipes are recommended.

Boost your brand image – This antibacterial wipes dispenser gives an impression of quality. The metallic dispenser is very rust-resistant, easy to clean, and visually appealing. As such, this shows that you invest in high-quality products to protect your customers. It will immediately boost your brand image and make you stand out from your competitors. This is an excellent addition to restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and public places.


With today’s current health crisis, it is extremely important for retailers to have wipes receptacles within their business establishments in addition to their custom hand sanitizer holders. Doing so will not only benefit the customers but the business as well. Furthermore, they can be branded to augment your in-store promotion and pandemic advertising.


Features of antibacterial wipes dispenser

  • Metallic trash bin to collect used wipes
  • Antibacterial wipes receptacle
  • A cover

This antibacterial wipes dispenser is a smart way to protect yourself from germs in public places. It offers numerous advantages for the company and people using it. Wipes dispensers are very convenient and useful, great for the skin, and boost the brand image.

Are you interested in this product? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to create for you a customized antibacterial wipes dispenser for your company. ODM has years of experience in the promotional product industry so you can rely on us for effective and high-quality custom promotional giveaways, marketing gifts, and point of sale displays for your business.


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