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Pandemic advertising, Swine flu promos

Recently we have received many enquiries from companies for safety related promos.  Back in 2003 there was a run on masks, hand sanitising machines and other promos to help cope with the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong.   Swine flu promos are next in line.

Many of us (especially those who will be traveling) are quite concerned with the current swine flu pandemic and warnings associated with the strain.   Simple precautions include asking people to wear a face mask if unwell or in crowded high risk areas.   Face Mask

Campaigns reminding people to frequently wash their hands are advertised on TV and companies can really make a difference by providing these tools to clients.   Sanitising Gel

ODM is offering an entire range of protective masks, hand creams, sanitising machines, and other health related products so that companies can gift to their valued clients.

We are now also developing a Swine Flu emergency kit as per photo.

swine flu bag