Following client reviews at the HK gift show we have now refined game play for our soccer game .

We have focussed on making this a 30 minute game, sending players around the board and South Africa in a race to see who can get back to Soccer City first.  The Race to Victory puts the highs and lows of a player’s ability to sing, dance, act and draw on display and this is fun for everybody involved.

Creativity is key as each player proves they have what it takes to win.

  • The Board was simplified for easy play.
  • Board size was minimised to help reduce costs
  • Activity Cards focus the players on the South Africa and soccer.
  • Chance Cards keep players on their toes and give everyone the opportunity to win.

This socially active board game will have people returning again and again to play.    The Race to Victory can be sold directly in retail outlets around the globe.  It can also be branded to associate any organization or enterprise with an engaging social experience as well as the World Cup.


 We are well positionned to take on any new ODM/OEM board game development work.