ODMasia is pleased to launch Take A Seat in partnership with Barauch Nae Design Agency.     The Seat was prototyped in China and showcased at the recent HK Gifts show.    A patent has been filed to cover the dual functions of this product.   Stadium seat & bag.

A few words from our partners shows why we have such a good fit.  Branding makes us. Creativity drives us. Originality excites us. Building a brand and taking it to the next level completes usWe work with clients who genuinely want to innovate and grow. We help them release the creative potential of their products and brands. Seeking a balance between methodology and art, we not only deliver complete branding and design solutions for our clients, but also create unique independent brands, evolving our ideas into commercial products.seat-bag

TAKE A SEAT™ * Pat.pen.no.61/156, 893