POS displays and product packaging are among the first things your customers will notice. Therefore, you should plan your in-store displays and packaging really well. One good example is this custom printed food packaging by Loacker.

Custom Printed Food Packaging

Custom Printed Food Packaging

The goal of having an effective packaging is to influence customers’ buying behavior. The use of colors, funny faces, lights, and novelty packaging are some of the ways to command attention on shelf. As such, it is vital to learn about marketing psychology to encourage customers to choose your products over your competitors. Here’s a comprehensive blog about marketing psychology and why you should invest in attention-grabbing products:




Why We Like Loacker’s Custom Printed Food Packaging

We love the red packaging with Santa print as it is suitable for Christmas. Moreover, the style allows customers to carry the product with ease. It also has a cutout in the middle, showing the flavor. In this case, you will see “Vanilla,” “Chocolate,” and “Napolitaner” in the middle.

Custom Printed Food Packaging

Custom Printed Food Packaging

The addition of custom cardboard packaging allows them to communicate what they have in store for their customers. Simple, yet effective, the packaging attracts people to their display and away from competitors.

Investing in high-end packaging can be a great idea since it improves perceived value, and most of the time is durable. However, not all companies can afford it. Sometimes, companies are just looking for packaging solutions that will work for short promotional runs and seasonal campaigns. This is where cardboard packaging comes in.

Custom Printed Food Packaging

Custom Printed Food Packaging

Cardboard packaging is extremely versatile. It can be made into an elaborate or simple custom printed food packaging. It can be made matte or glossy depending on your needs.

We also noticed their packaging for Loacker minis. The clear packaging shows all the flavors on offer and it also makes the wafers gift-ready.

Custom Printed Food Packaging

Custom Printed Food Packaging

The sides are open so that customers can still see the vital information about the product. Therefore, the sleeve packaging adds an eye-catching element without sacrificing quality and brand message.

We also love how the POS display complements the products. Half of the display is dedicated to Loacker. Although it shares shelf space with St. Michael, it still managed to stand out, thanks to the happy face of Santa. It gives off a festive vibe and connects with the audience really well.

Custom Printed Food Packaging

Custom Printed Food Packaging


Other Excellent Custom Printed Food Packaging that Wowed Us

Here are other excellent examples of custom printed food packaging that jumps right off the shelf!

  • Tin Packaging- We love this idea because it is sturdy and well-designed. The embossed character lends an interesting texture that


  • Tea Packaging- Tea is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. With so many tea products in the market, it can be difficult to make a mark. Here is a fine example:


  • Wooden Packaging- We like this wooden spice packaging because wood is durable, classy, and food-safe. It seals the aroma really well, too.


  • Candy Packaging- Check out some fun and delicious designs that will attract customers.


How Packaging Can Influence Buying Behavior

Color- Red and other warm colors can stimulate appetite. This is why many brands choose this color for their packaging and interior. Aside from hunger-inducing colors, contrasting colors also grab attention. This way, people will remember them easily.

Materials- The type of materials can also have an impact on perceived value, which in turn, can affect consumer behavior. Eco-friendly ones are the trend today. So why not use green alternatives such as bamboo-based packaging and cornstarch?

Novelty- A unique product packaging is more attention-grabbing than poorly-designed ones. By nature, people are drawn to things that they have never seen before. Looking for novelty packaging ideas? Check this out:


Glitter- Shiny products never fail to draw attention because they denote glamor and style. Once our attention is focussed on the shimmering items, we do not notice anything else. Here’s an example of a shimmering packaging that stands out from the shelf:


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