We always see perfumes presented in pretty packaging. Companies have to make sure that it also looks pretty on top of smelling good. So, if you are selling perfume, it is important to tickle your customers imagination first to persuade them to test your products. To help you with your product packaging design, take a look at these excellent custom perfume packaging ideas from various luxury brands!

We found these examples from Malindo Air magazine. As part of their in-flight promotion, they offer a range of men and women’s perfume from various brands. The unique product packaging as well as bottle designs have caught our attention. Persuasive and powerful visuals appealed to our senses. They fit the description very well, giving customers an idea how these bottles of perfume would smell.

Below, we explain what makes these perfume brands stand out to us:


Why You Should Check These Custom Perfume Packaging Ideas Out!

1. Carolina Herrera‘s Good Girl

Feminine, seductive, and strong… those are the words that describe this packaging. On the left side of the magazine, you can see that a pretty model is advertising the brand. “When you feel good, you look good,” and that is what the advert is sending to their female customers.

Custom Perfume PackagingCustom Perfume Packaging

Custom Perfume Packaging


Here’s a closer look of the bottle and the box packaging. Below the photo is the description of the perfume. It comes in a simple black-white packaging with gold lining. It definitely looks high-end and luxurious- ideal for the modern woman.

Custom Perfume Packaging

Custom Perfume Packaging


Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne is offering 3 different perfumes. Each of them comes in unique bespoke bottle and box packaging.

2. First on the list is Invictus. The bottle looks like a trophy, which is suitable for the brand image they are going for. Based from the description, the perfume’s “sensually fresh scent sets a modern vision of virility.” The packaging is indeed a visual representation of their product.

Custom Perfume Packaging

Custom Perfume Packaging

3. Olympea is en epitome of victory. This perfume is clearly made for women and it is very much evident in their choice of color and design. The bottle features delicate laurel details. It comes in a soft pink box that complements their bottle.

4. 1 Million lives up to its luxurious name. The bottle and its box packaging is decked out in gold finish. The name 1 million is etched on the golden bottle to give it a more luxurious feel.


Jean Paul Gaultier

5. Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male exudes sensuality and masculinity. The colors are suitable for their target market. Ideal for the modern men, the scent as well as the packaging exude virility and masculinity. The bottle is in the shape of a man’s body and is contained in a bronze canister with embossed branding.

Custom Perfume Packaging

Custom Perfume Packaging


6. Jean Paul Gaultier’s Scandal, on the other hand, looks fresh and sweet. Like its male counterpart, it comes in a beautifully-designed canister. But unlike Le Male‘s packaging, Scandal’s feature a foil stamped brand name that stands out against its peach colored packaging. The bottle is simple but the cap features a unique detail that reflects the image they are gunning for.

Custom Perfume Packaging

Custom Perfume Packaging

Here’s a previous blog showing Jean Paul Gaultier’s unique bottle stoppers and bespoke shaped bottles:


Lessons on Product Design

There are many things we have learned from our examples and we will share them below to help you come up with the best product packaging designs.

  • Choose the Right Colors – Colors can have a huge impact on how people perceive your products. As people are visual creatures, it makes sense to use captivating colors that best describe your products. This is especially important if you are selling perfume and you do not have any samples available. The message communicated through the packaging can influence customers’ olfactory perception.


  • Be Bold – What we like about these examples is that the brands are not afraid to go all out with their packaging designs. For instance, Scandal features bare legs of a woman and it definitely makes one curious what is behind the name and visuals. Gone are the days where perfumes are contained in simple spray bottles. Today, the more shocking and intriguing the packaging is, the more you get attention.


  • Visual Message – Magazine advertising is all about the right visuals. This might work for fashion accessories and clothes, but how can you convince anyone reading a magazine to purchase your perfume products. Your message should be easily understood through your packaging to influence their olfactory perception.


So, were you inspired by these custom perfume packaging ideas? If you need help with brand packaging design, do not hesitate to get in touch with the ODM team. We have a team of expert designers who can help you come up with high-quality and effective designs. ODM also has extensive experience in sourcing and manufacturing of promotional products and product packaging. Contact us today!

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