The 128th China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, was held online from October 15th to 24th. And of course, it is the top promotional products show in 2020! It was most definitely the place to be on the lookout for new, trendy, and innovative products for your company. 

This year, the state council has decided to host the fair virtually against the raging global pandemic of coronavirus. It helped greatly by demonstrating China’s actions in safeguarding the smooth international industrial and supply chain towards world economic recovery. 

Let’s take a read on the smooth operations and review of 2020’s top promotional products show from one of our company’s interns who had first-hand experience with this virtual platform. 

128th Virtual Canton Fair - Top Promotional Products Show in 2020

128th Virtual Canton Fair – Top Promotional Products Show in 2020

7 Online Functions 

2020’s Promotional Products Show was categorized into 7 different online columns. Exhibitors and Products, Global Business Matchmaking, VR Exhibition Hall, Exhibitors On Live, News and Events, Services and Support, Cross-Border E-Commerce Zone. Our main area of focus under these 7 columns will be Exhibitors and Products, VR Exhibition Hall, and Exhibitors On Live. As of October 24, the cumulative number of official website visits reached 51.17 million. With a total of 226 overseas countries and regions who registered for the Virtual Canton Fair. 

Exhibitor and Products 

Canton Fair 2020’s Exhibitor and Products column was the most well-used column for our intern. It listed out all the products and services on the platform for our own viewing. The products were constantly updated by the 26,000 exhibitors, and hence the discovery of new and innovative products every single day. Over 2.47 million products were uploaded, up by 350,000 compared with that of the 127th Canton Fair.

There were plenty of products to browse through, with 16 categories and 50 exhibition sections worth of products. Products ranged from Electronics, Consumer Goods, and most importantly Gifts. Due to Covid-19, there was also an abundance of newly innovative related products such as multi-functional sterilizers.

Furthermore, with the ease of moving between pages and communication with suppliers, The ODM Group has managed to find plenty of new products in this promotional products show that we cannot wait to show to you (our readers) and clients! 

Promotional Products Show

Promotional Products Show

VR Exhibition Halls 

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. 2020’s Virtual Canton Fair made use of VR to create an immersive experience for users and buyers. The feast of the products attracted local and global buyers to attend that there were 7.89 million visits towards their VR Exhibition Halls. 

The VR Exhibition Halls were set up according to product categories and booths displayed under 3 areas of A, B, and C, much like a large-scale convention. This column allowed users to navigate around the exhibitions with greater ease and fewer complications. Moreover, the VR experiences make one feel as if they are physically a part of the 2020’s Canton Fair. 

Promotional Products Show VR

Promotional Products Show VR

Exhibitors on Live 

This column was fantastic in a way where users are able to see the actual product and its functions through live video formats by their company’s employees. The live streams are specifically tailored to different markets. Additionally, attendees are able to choose from the list of updated live-stream schedules they would prefer to tune in to. All videos streamed were broadcasted in HD quality, hence showcasing the better quality and 360 angles of the products and functions! 

Final Thoughts

Canton Fair 2020 has shown us the need to embrace the trend of digitalization to promote online-offline integration during a time like the pandemic. The best way to open up and create new business opportunities across international borders. 

It was indeed a new experience to discover newly innovative promotional products, while also promoting the stability of foreign trade amid epidemic control. Furthermore, Canton Fair’s Promotional Products Show was an exceptional platform to scout new leads with customers and suppliers alike. 

If you would like to know more about the Canton Fair or new promotional products do not hesitate to contact us. We have product designers who have vast experience in designing custom brand packaging, custom promotional merchandise, and unique gifts for your business. Check out our sister company MindSparkz specializing in product design! Be sure to be on the lookout for upcoming blogs on the 2020 Canton Fair products too!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canton Fair?

Canton Fair is China's oldest and biggest trade show event. It helps promote businesses and their respective innovations.

What are trade shows?

Trade shows or trade fairs are events where businesses and entrepreneurs get to showcase their inventions, products, and services.

Why a virtual canton fair this year?

To provide a platform for foreign trade companies to show their products and company images effectively at the digital Canton Fair. Helps to maintain relationships with regular buyers while attracting new buyers in emerging markets, in particular Belt and Road countries.