Giveaways can help boost sales for both Whisper and Sanrio by coming up with this collaboration in their promotion. Here is a case study found in Wellcome, a supermarket in Hong Kong. Whisper is giving customers a free set of Hello Kitty coasters as giveaways with any purchase of two packs of sanitary pads. Read on to find out more about this promotion!

Dainty Hello Kitty Coasters as Giveaways by Whisper

Dainty Hello Kitty Coasters as Giveaways by Whisper

Sanrio, best known for its Hello Kitty in Japan, loves to partner with other companies to give out promotional items. Sanrio brands their giveaways with their renowned Hello Kitty character.

Some other companies that have collaborated with Sanrio before in their promotions includes:

  • McDonald’s, offering purchase with purchase Hello Kitty Plushies costing USD$ 0.80 with any purchase of a set of Extra Value Meal.
  • Hong Leong Bank, offering Hello Kitty merchandises for free with any accounts opened with the bank. Exclusive Hello Kitty prizes were also to be won through monthly lucky draws.

How would giveaways help boost sales?

By collaborating with larger organizations that are well known, it would definitely help boost sales for your company. This is a win-win situation faced by both Whisper and Sanrio.

Whisper, by collaborating with Sanrio to give out their branded items as giveaways, would be able to boost their sales. Consumers may choose to purchase pads from Whisper just to be able to collect the free set of Hello Kitty coasters. On the other hand, Sanrio would be able to see increase in sales of Sanrio products through this promotion which acts like a free advertisement for their brand. Consumers, who purchase Whisper pads, would have brand recall for Sanrio’s brand name. This helps in raising brand awareness for their company. This would then lead to more people purchasing Sanrio merchandises.

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