Branded product is a great marketing option for companies to implement, and this example of Home Soda Maker reflects this in terms successfully promoting a brand. Home Soda Maker is a revolutionary soda machine for home use, transforming the world of soda pop drinks through use of home carbonation technology and a unique machine design.

Exceptional Branded Product - Home Soda Maker

Exceptional Branded Product – Home Soda Maker

Why choose Home Soda Maker as Branded Product:

  • Home Soda Maker is bringing an advanced, environmentally friendly, healthy and fresh tasting technology to your consumers’ homes. Now everyone can enjoy the experience of making homemade soda for the whole family. The pleased consumers will feel extremely thankful to your company, and you will win their loyalty for good.
  • The eco-friendly design of Home Soda Maker water carbonation machine includes reusable, BPA free, PET bottles, disposable and recyclable CO2 soda chargers and a wide range of natural low calorie soda syrups with no added preservatives, so you can show that your company cares about the nature and the health of your customers.
  • Home Soda Makers have passed multiple testing and quality control, and have proved to meet all the international standards.
  • All Home Soda Makers are designed in a trendy Scandinavian style, looking high-end, solid and classy, in other words, perfect for your brand placement.
  • Different colors are available, so that you can choose the one congruous with your company logo.

This promotional item will be an effective branding tool and will bring lots of benefits to the company that will help in assisting sales and profit. If you find it interesting, don’t hesitate to contact the ODM Group with reference to the code below.


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