Using branded kitchenware is a great way to promote your brand. Not only are they practical, they often comes with various functions that makes your customer’s life more enjoyable. On top of that, the products’ customizability and branding capability makes them an extremely attractive marketing strategy. By printing your logo on these kitchenware, you are spreading brand awareness in the households of your customers. It definitely helps to increase your brand exposure!

Hence, in this blog, we will take a look at 4 exciting branded kitchenware as promo gift ideas for your marketing needs!

1. Dual-sided Wood Chopping Board

Bide goodbye to the single plank of wood that most households use and say hello to this dual-sided wood chopping board. Made from eco-friendly natural acacia wood, this cutting board has two functional different sides for different uses! One side has a juice canal around the edge to catch juice running down the board. For instance, this is perfect for cutting juicy foods such as tomatoes and fruit. The other side comes with 3 compartments to hold your chopped food to make space for more. Without a doubt, your customers will love this product!

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2. Commercial Electric Hot Beverage Dispenser Machine

With most of the world spending their days at home now, who doesn’t want their very own beverage dispenser in the kitchen? This electrical hot beverage dispenser is a wonderful promo gift you can consider for your customers. Not only can it maintain temperatures from 30 to 90 degree Celsius (86 to 194 Fahrenheit), it also has a mixture to ensure your beverage consistency. In fact, it is a perfect machine to make hot chocolate with! Moreover, it is available at 5L and 10L capacity. You can make large quantities of drinks at any one time! Your customers will absolutely love this.

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3. Mini Portable Vacuum Sealer Packing Machine

We all know how frustrating it is when our food turns bad from air exposure. Hence, we have the solution for you! This mini bag sealer makes use of good quality heating wire to create an airtight seal in seconds. Assuredly, it is a great help for you to store your leftover chips, snacks, foods, fruits and so on. Moreover, you will be able to avoid food waste and mold growth. Your customers will love being able to keep their foods fresh!

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4. Rectangular Vintage Painted Lacquer Tray

More than just being a serving tray, the functions of these lacquer trays go way beyond. Incredibly versatile, these custom trays make great home decor elements that can be used in an even wider range of ways. From displaying candles and vases, to serving as a catch-all spots for similar items. Certainly, it can tie a room together with a few well placed accents on top of them. Furthermore, with Chinese New Year right around the corner, these make great CNY promo gifts too! In addition, you can customised the design and texture of the tray as well!

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