Wine is supplied by over 60 countries of the world. Europe is one of the primary wine producers across the globe. France, Italy, and Spain are some of the leading regions where wine is largely cultivated. This figure substantiates the high competition between business rivals around the globe. Thus, you have to try some unique ways on how to attract your target audience and customers. How about the idea of customized items related to wine? Have you heard about cheeseboard, grazing plate, or charcuterie? Well, this is an idea that can be adapted to promote a wine business. A customized cheese board could be a great promotional product to introduce your brand.

Customized Cheese Board

Customized Cheese Board


What Makes Customized Cheese Board Ideal for Wine Promotions?

Probably, a cheese board is one of the best accessories in every kitchen. Moreso, it is the reason why chefs love to use this kitchen tool. A cheese board became popular last year in 2020. The long hours people have to spend in their homes could be the reason why it became trendy. Longer time spends in the kitchen, gave ideas to business owners to use its popularity to promote their brand.

But what are the key factors that make it perfect to use for wine promotions.


Cheeseboard with a Holder

Throw a wine and cheese party with a classy customized cheese board. One of the great things about using a cheese board in every gathering is that you can load them with sumptuous snacks or meals. Some of the usual snacks loaded on a cheese board are meats, a variety of crackers, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, and of course, different kinds of cheese. You can put all your favorite food here.

But if you love to throw a personal party, maybe you want to celebrate your achievements alone, or you just want to detach yourself and want to have some “me” time,  this innovative cheese board can give you company. It is crafted with a hole to place the wine glass and an area to place the side dish and appetizers.  It is very suitable for personal use. This cheese board is made from bamboo wood that makes it even more classy.

Another good thing about this customized cheese board is its multi-functionality. You don’t have to worry about how to hold your wine glass and hold your tray of snacks at the same time. This is absolutely a 2- in-1 cheese board. Thus, making drinking your favorite wine and eating your snacks would be cozier than ever.


customized cheese board

Customized Cheese Board

Customized Cheese Board Variety

Teak Wooden Cheeseboard

It is one of the most common cheeseboards available in the market. Its natural wood gives a different appeal to anyone’s eye. Its durability is ideal to cut food, slice herbs, or knead bread.

Butcher Board

Butcher board is way high pricey when compared to a teak wooden cheeseboard. Thus, its price is really worth it. Butcher board is absolutely one of the strongest natural wood cheese boards. This sturdy board can withstand pressure and strong knives.


3 Major Roles of a Cheese Board in the Kitchen

A cheese board is basically used in various kitchen chores. It can also be used to assemble your favorite appetizers. Now, let us elaborate more on the uses of a cheeseboard.

1. Cut Food

A cheese board may definitely use in during food preparation. A wooden cheeseboard can withstand the friction made from chopping, cutting, and slicing.

2. Knead Bread

Kneading is very important in bread making. In this process, yeast must be spread evenly to promote stretching and expansion of a dough. In this case, a wooden cheeseboard can perfectly go as a bread kneading board.

3. Serve Food

A cheese board is a perfect platter to put your favorite food together. It is very good to use during parties and family gatherings. Its size could be varied depending on the party and the number of expected attendees.


customized cheese board

Customized Cheese Board


As a Wine Marketing Idea

Portable Marketing Gift: As opposed to the usual charcuterie, this one is smaller and is thus, ideal for individual use. As such, this ensures longer exposure to your brand as well as improved customer experience.

Customization: With cheese boards and cutting boards, marketing managers can get creative with their designs. There are many ways to customize them. You can add accents on the handle, add non-slip rubber on the underside or have your brand name etched onto the wooden surface. The possibilities are endless! As demonstrated by this product, the addition of a wine holder makes it really interesting. Indeed, this is an idea “cut above the rest.”

Eco-Friendly: With an eco-friendly product in your marketing mix, you are sure to attract a wider range of customers. You will even impress eco-conscious buyers. Made from bamboo, this customized cheese board with a wine holder is 100% green! Offering such an item shows customers that you are a company that incorporates sustainable branding into your business.

Universal: If you are struggling to find a promotional product that will not only convey your message effectively but also appeals to a wide range of customers, then here’s our suggestion. Have a customized cheese board as a promotional gift. It appeals to a diverse range of demographics with different backgrounds and interests. As a universal gift, you never have to worry whether the design appeals only to a certain demographic. Everyone loves a functional, reusable, and professionally-made grazing board!


To Sum Up

A cheese board is surely a smart option when you are planning to buy giveaways for your customers,  But it could be appreciated more if you make it a customized one. It will certainly help you promote your brand in a simple and classy way.

Contact the ODM team if you want to adapt this promotional product idea. We have the best team to help you design and manufacture the item you want. Name it, and we will create it for you. Send us an email and use the code ODM- 3504.

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