A custom cheese knife set is the perfect promo gift to present to cheese enthusiasts. This product will certainly be useful for dinner parties and restaurants. With specialized knives, it will certainly be easier to slice, cut, shave down, and dice different types of soft and hard cheeses. That way, customers can enjoy their food. The custom cheese knife set consists of a cheese fork, flat cheese knife, narrow plain knife and small spade knife (from left to right respectively).

promotional cheese knife

promotional cheese knife


Due to its sharp end, the flat cheese knife is used for cutting soft cheese and cut/shave down hard cheeses.

promotional cheese knife

Promotional Cheese Knife – Flat Cheese Knife

These knives will certainly be suitable and great as a premium corporate gift! Made of similar material is a wooden puzzle that can be used as a corporate gift as well.


Cutting hard cheeses into wedges is made easy with an almond-shaped knife or small spade. The tip lets you pick the cheeses and transfer them to a plate.

promotional cheese knife

Promotional Cheese Knife – Small Spade


The narrow plane knife is versatile as it can be used to slice and cut many types of cheeses. The short end and the long end are sharp so you can use them for slicing hard cheeses into wedges with ease.

Custom Cheese Knife

Promotional Cheese Knife – Narrow Plain Knife


Why This Custom Cheese Knife Set Would Make a Great Promotional Gift?

  • Classy & Sophisticated – The wood handle gives off Scandanavian vibes as it demonstrates the simplicity of life. Hence, a high-quality promotional gift like this would show the amount of respect and value one has for their customers.
  • Customizability – It is easy to engrave a logo onto the surface of the wooden handle. Branding the handle can promote finer brand remembrance and increase visibility of the brand. This can certainly turn an ordinary cheese knife set into something more personal and unique for clients! Hence, the value of this product will be more appreciated.
  • Functionality – To gift something of high functionality will surely boost the perceived value of the product. Customers can now enjoy just about any type of cheese out in the world with the right set of cutting utensils. This kitchen promo idea would also be perfect as purchase with purchase promotional item with alcoholic drinks or other high-end kitchen products.


Other Kitchen Promo Ideas To Consider

  • Cutting Board Promo Gift –  Brands can consider gifting clients with the cutting board that has a compartment to store the cheese knife gift set as well. It makes it more convenient for bringing around or storing purposes. Consider a non-skid cutting board if you are looking for an alternative material!
  • Kitchen Paper Holder – Spice up your kitchen decor with a fancy looking kitchen paper holder. It engages with whoever is in the kitchen and gives it a livelier mood.
  • Custom Aprons – Instead of a boring and typical solid colour apron, why not customize your own? Brands can print or stitch their logos onto it to boost brand awareness!
  • Collapsible Coffee Cups – With the uproar of eco-friendly movements, brands can motivate consumers or clients by rewarding them with a thoughtful gift. It is reusable and also of practical use.
  • Compact Kitchen Scale – It is a simple and lightweight kitchen scale that is suitable to bring wherever you go. This is surely an inventive design that is worth gifting.


All in all, it is important to consider the type of client in order to present them with a suitable promotional item. At ODM, we specialize in product designing, brand design packaging and manufacturing high-quality personalized promotional products.

If you need design services, we also have a team of product designers and merchandisers who can help you from product brainstorming session all the way through the actual sampling and production, in order to ensure quality. Send us your inquiry for product code 2332 to find out more today!


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