promotional blade hilt promotional product blueKnives are essential tools for any kitchen. We are all used to working with Stainless Steel and metal blades but for promotional campaigns the prospect of using Ceramic knives is really appealing.  How great is this “snow-scape” themed knife which makes for the perfect Christmas Promo.  You can also customise the handle

orange printing blade hilt knife promotional product ODMInstead of using conventional steel knives, why not consider using ceramic knives for your next campaign. The lemons really convey the idea of freshness – you can associate images like this with your food brand. Can serve as both, a on-pack promotional item or gift with purchase, this promotional product will be one to capture the hearts of households.

Talk to us for your own customized kitchen cutlery now and take your promotions to a whole new level!   Ceramic knives have high perceived value and are seen as very novel and innovative.

ceramic knife is a knife made out of very hard ceramic, often zirconium oxide. Ceramic knives do not rust.  They are nonconductive and nonmagnetic.  Their chemical inertness to both acids and alkalis and their ability to retain a cutting edge far longer than forged metal knives makes them a very good culinary tool for slicing and cutting through boneless meat, vegetables and fruits. The key warning is that ceramic knives are breakable.  Their nature makes them not good for chopping or prying, but excellent for precision cutting.

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