Few weeks ago we had to send Shanghai staff to Zhejiang province for a quality control on a Beach play set production. The purpose was to assure the good production process and make sure to avoid any delays or defects on a very tight production time.

As usual for quality control, the inspector took time to check the goods to reveal any anomaly on the production according the client demands.

During a quality control the inspector has to focus on several key aspects such as checking the product/logo sizes carefully and the right product colours (pantone colour). He focuses on the quality product/printing, its resistance by testing it. He also needs to check the quantity/time estimation and the packaging method/Shipment mark.

During a Quality Control many pictures are taken in order to include in the report and send to the client. It is also a very good opportunity to check the different machine shop to understand the production process.

After the goods checked, the inspector use to spend time to visiting the factory to see the range of products offered and get some news ideas for clients.

In order to share this experience with you, we decided to put some examples of different promotional items we spotted there. Promotional products are a simple and efficient way to promote your branding and make a deep impression on your clients.

– Magic cubes are a 3-D mechanical puzzle. Really famous, it is easy to produce and you can customize it with your logo. You can also go for the keychain magic cube.

– Clapping Haibao is used to create song like a rattle. Designed like the mascot of the shanghai expo 2010,  it can be customized according to your demand.


– The magnetic Dartboard game is easy to set up and play. Safe because of the magnets it can be used by all.    Customise the darts or the dartboard with different colours and logos – you can even switch from the typical round shape to something more creative.


– Skipping ropes are the primary tool used in the game of skipping played by children and many young adults it is a very good calorie burner and also a fun playground activity.



– Body massagers come in different shapes, styles, sizes and colors and your company logo can be imprinted on its. Promotional massager can be an ideal gift giving the maximum pleasure with minimum exercise.

You can also have a look at yoyo , mobile phone holder, Desktop Promos- USB pen holder with notifier.

Here we see the outside of the factory.   Many of our factories are in quite rural areas to keep rental costs down but still within 2-3 hours drive of closest sea port. Search here for more news on factories from our blog.

This is yet another factory with a Basketball court on the freight loading Apron.

More pics from the assembly line below – in house QC of the Cubes and lady working with plastic injection moulding machine for rackets.