As with most banks and credit card companies in Hong Kong, American Express is offering a loyalty redemption campaign for their customers.  The idea behind the campaign is simple – Spend more with Amex and redeem high value gifts.

We just got the catalogue and had a good review.   The magazine is a substantial 85 pages with high quality glossy print.   The gifts are varied to appeal to many different customer needs and desires.

They are broken into following categories for easy browsing – those in Italics * are areas where ODM‘s range of high quality inventions could easily be found.

  • Connoisseur’s Choice – some classic designs.
  • Member Since – Important to remember specials for old members !
  • Wine & Dine – a key demographic for Amex. *
  • Tech Gizmos – brand name electronics
  • Home Passion – lots of White goods *
  • Stylish picks – some fun designs *
  • Travel in Style – tie ups with hotels & airlines
  • Body & Soul – more electroncis & spas *
  • Cash vouchers – basic money back scheme from local retailers
  • Heart of Gold – Charity tie ins.
  • Fee Waiver.

Let us know if you see some interesting promotions from your banks, cards, petrol stations, shops or other partners.

Planning such a Promotional campaign and delivery mechanism is a lot of work with a high cost initially to pull together so many partners, but once it is set up it certainly improves brand loyalty and can be renewed yearly with much less problems.

Partners appreciate the advertising effect and your clients will certainly appreciate the great deals you can negotiate on their behalf.

Any suggestions on improving this campaign?