Redemption campaigns are a great method for conducting a multi tiered promotional campaign. By offering different levels of promotional products, customers are encouraged to continue buying goods, driving up revenue.  Rewarding persistent customers, it also helps build up customer loyalty at the same time.   Companies seeking to conduct such campaigns can Outsource this work to a redemption center service company.

Redemption Center - Promo Gifts supplier

Banks often use a redepemtion center to manage delivery of Promo Gifts

Examples of Promotional Redemption Campaign Users are banks, where the more you spend on a credit card the bigger the reward. This encourages consumption increasing banks profits.

Logistics are key to ensure that redemption centers have sufficient stock & clients get access to same.

Redemption Centers can help with wide range of services such as…

  • Marketing program fulfilment services for: internet and e-commerce, premiums, literature/publishing and catalog (online or offline)
  • Sourcing Promotional Products & Gifts with providers like ODM.
  • Call center for the promo campaign
  • Logistics management for the gifts
  • Payment processing as required if Purchase with Purchase
  • Point-of-Sale warehousing and distribution
  • Product recall services
  • Redemption Counters in Cities – optional if gifts are not mailed out.

The typical redemption service is equipped with a number of offices/centers to serve as redemption counters.  They need a dedicated database for tracking and and managing of inventory.  Bar Codes or QR Codes can be used by clients on site to redeem products.  This allows for easy delivery to consumers, collation of data for company use and managing the promotion at sustained periods.

Due to the high impact, short duration, promotional campaigns that big FMCGs run around the world, their own marketing departments cannot always handle this work internally.  This is why companies providing Gift Redemption services become indispensable.

Items that may be great for promotional redemption campaigns……

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