With the announcement of another Royal Wedding in the UK, we decided it was time to finally write a blog on “Royal Memorabilia”. Royal Weddings are an amazing event to draw a country (or Commonwealth) together.  They boost the image of the country and indeed the Royals can be amazing ambassadors for their country drawing in tourists from around the world.

Of course these experiences will not be complete without royal wedding souvenirs. This is the way for everyone in the UK to share a common sense of pride and enjoy in a moment of great positivity. Promotional products to tie in with the wedding will be a key feature of tourist & souvenir shops in the UK for the next few months.

Souvenirs give people solid memories of the wedding and may come in a large variety, of different values and shapes with one aim – to celebrate the happy occasion.   Some the collectibles may be quite cheap to buy, but when you put all of them together in a glass shelf they can create that collectable effect we know so well in the promotional products business.    So, whether is it a normal napkin, badge, key rings, or something far more Whacky, you are buying history & they may be worth more in a few years time.

A few items ODM feels worth sharing with you from the market right now – Quirky, amusing and eye-catching.  ODM will be able to propose some other custom designs to match different budgets & themes.