An interesting promotional product request – this customized wedding garter lets ODM clients communicate in a unique way on on their new campaign.

A garter is a woman’s undergarment fitting around the leg to hold up a stocking or a sock. It used to be very common in the past but the upbringing of pantyhose, tights and numerous other more comfortable items led to its disappearance.

The garter remains part of custom and tradition, weddings being one of them. Throwing garters is considered to be the oldest surviving wedding tradition. Still perpetuated during modern wedding ceremony, the groom is supposed to remove the bride’s garter after the vows are completed. It is then tossed to the single men attendance as a token of luck for the recipient in finding a bride of his own in the close future.

Now to make it Promotional….

Commonly perceived as a very traditional item, garters evolved extensively in both their use and their design over the years. Not restrained to the sole purpose of wedding tradition, they became popular in high school proms as something the male date would wear around his arm throughout the night to prove its commitment to its date.   They also became increasingly customized to the needs and wants of companies and individuals.

For example, see above the garter with colors of the Lakers and Packers, Basketball and American football teams.   Crown Royal Whisky also used this as a promo for their fans.   How better to show Brand Loyalty?

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