Gears of War 3 (GOW3) is having a collectors pack promotion to coincide with the release of its game. The ultimate collection of GOW3, Epic Edition, includes promotional items such as, award box, service medal, character statue and flag.

Including such collectible items is one of the latest trends among video games to increase sales, especially attracting avid gamers and collectors. The high quality material used in producing such collectibles makes the package have a high perceived value.

GOW3: Epic Edition

Having a few promotional items to go along in packages is indeed a good marketing strategy. Many electronic games in the market come with different editions and collectables, hence increasing its brand awareness.

Case Study for Promo Items – Online Games & Offline Toys.

GOW3: Limited Edition

Meanwhile, having Limited Editions for your products creates a sense of urgency among customers. You may want to check out about our blog post on Good Marketing..

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