A jigsaw puzzle requires the assembly of numerous small, often oddly shaped interlocking pieces.  It is a great item for promotional products campaigns to showcase a product, licensed character, mascot or theme.  A very family oriented activity promo mechanism

An enlarged photograph or printed reproduction of a painting or other two-dimensional artwork is glued onto the cardboard before cutting.

Jigsaw puzzles made out of 4 types of material are most popular though other options can also be expored..

  • Cardboard
  • Magnetic cardboard
  • Magnetic wood
  • plastics

Jigsaw-puzzle manufacturing is a fairly straightforward process and below is a brief list composed by our buying office in Shanghai:

1. An image is enlarged with an ink jet printer.
2.The image is run through a glue machine, then fixed to cardboard background.
3. The cardboard is then placed on a cutting die.
4. The image and the cutting die are run through a press.
5. The cutting die, a sharp metal lattice, cuts through the image to create the pieces.