Die cutting is a production process that is used in many different products; keys, paper clips, paper products, plastic pieces, some POS displays to more advanced machinery. There are many types of die cutting and they can be found on this webpage, but due to time limitations, we will talk about it in a broad sense.

Die cutting is essentially a pastry cutter. The die is a very sharp blade that is bent into place to create a desired shape. This is then pressed into material on a backing to cut out the shape of the product.

Die Cutting- Production Processes

Production processes- Die cutting

Die Cutting in different scenarios!

The die can be used differently, for example, it could have only one ‘die’- so only cutting one template at a time, but constructed so many pieces of materials can be put in at once. It could also have more that one ‘die’ next to each other, so it can cut many templates in one piece of material.

Creating a cutting die itself is a very complicated process as the cutting blades have to be bent into correct shapes.  It also has to be efficient with its waste so as to not create too much and drive up costs. Most factories efficiency rate is quite high with waste from the die cutting process being reused in other parts or recycled.

Die cutting can be a very efficient production process – however it has some limitations. It can only be used on flat products, so before investing in these machines you need to be aware of the productive limitations you may have if production parts that are not flat.

Finally, health and safety can be a big issue, as these die are created to cut through metal, so could easily cut through a limb, therefore health and safety regulations need to be enforced and we strongly recommend conducting factory audits in China.

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