Tired of having to scrape the snow and ice off your car windshield over winter?  Want to avoid having to climb into a scorching hot car in summer?

Promotional Procuct - car windshield cover

Well it is possible to avoid these by using very efficient windshield covers. At ODM we believe these covers would make great promotional gifts. Indeed they present several interesting characteristics for both customers and company:

  • Keep windshields clean and ice-free
  • Made of tough, weather resistant materials
  • Pulls off easily for a frost-free windshield
  • Insulating to keep cars from becoming too hot in the sun
  • low cost & light weight for shipping
  • rapid manufacturing

Promotional gift - Winscreen cover

What’s more these covers make great advertising displays for a company. Indeed, they can easily be personalized with your company’s colors or and branded with your company logo. What’s more a s a popular, daily used and big size product they constitute a highly visible and mobile for of adrvertising!

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