The ODM Group would like to share some of our expertise in the manufacturing processes for developing and manufacturing a unique serving jug in stainless steel (coated with enamel).    Understanding the production and customization processes is the key for customizing your products and developing the artwork.  (Using ceramic material would have been an alternative option for jugs.)

For this project our staff has travelled to Fujian Province, a key locations for jug manufacturing in China. Located in Fujian, Fuzhou is a vibrant city famous for its fine lacquer ware, handcrafted fans, and is also a major.   Raw materials are readily accessible such as iron, steel and associated chemicals.

The Fuzhou factory that we would like to show you uses standard manufacturing processes and is equipped with standard machinery for the region.

Step 1:  Once the design of jug is finalized a mould is made and steel bases are manufactured.

Put an enamel base on the surface of the steel shape to give a base coating

Step 1

Step 2: Place the jug onto a drying stove to dry the base enamel

Step 2

Step 3: Once the jug is dry, we would shift the jug into the firing stove to heat the base enamel.   This allows it to set.

Step 3

Step 4: A second coating – coat enamel is then coated onto the surface of the base enamel

Step 5: Place the jug with enamel coating onto the drying stove again

Step 6: Shift the jug coated in enamel onto the firing stove again to heat the enamel. This allows it to set.

Step 7: Once the firing process is finished, artwork would be placed onto the surface of the product using a special sticker called a decal.

Step 7

Step 8: Lastly, we will place the artwork into the firing stove to emboss the logo onto the products

After burning, worker put them out decal put the product into fire stove Sample pictures

1. Is it possible to print all over colour? We can print on any area of the jug, and can print as many decals in place as required.   However, it is not possible to put 1 decal on due to the contours of the jug, handle, and spout.   To create an all over color effect, we suggest choosing a solid background colour and applying numerous decals in place.   This process is done by hand so the positioning of logos will not be 100% exactly same place on each jug.   This point can be taken into account when finalizing the designs.

2)      Is the decal durable and able to handle multiple washes? Definitely.   This decal printing method is designed to stay in place for years and this is a very standard print process that you can see on ceramics also.

3)      Can I change the shape and capacity of the jug? Definitely.   The ODM group would be happy to work with you to design a unique promotional product in any style and also work with you to propose a strong visual with logos printed in multiple locations.