While working from home has its perks, it is also easy to slip into work mode and forget to stay hydrated. Moreso, if you are a night shift worker. Getting up from your seat and getting a glass of water from the kitchen, for some, can break the “momentum.” As such, having a bottle of water beside you is important. This tumbler with logo is definitely one that you should include in your work-from-home survival kit.

Made from stainless steel and glows in the dark, this will not just keep your employees hydrated, but this is also especially helpful for those WFH staff that works night shifts. The glowing custom water bottle is definitely hard to ignore, a unique reminder for workers to take a break and rehydrate.

tumbler with logo

Tumbler with Logo: Practical Corporate Gift Idea

As work from home set up became compulsory since the Covid-19 outbreak, employers and employees have limited time to bond together. Probably, they were able to, but the sad part is they do it virtually. For sure, you know the feeling of working remotely with the team. Apparently, there are big adjustments made. But during the quarantine, were you able to check on them? Have you ever asked them how did they deal with and cope with the changes?

But before we delve into why your WFH employees need this glow-in-the-dark tumbler with logo, let us first explain to you why checking up on your staff is crucial for everyone.


Connecting with Your Team During COVID

Employees are the backbone of the business. Therefore, your staff performs a very crucial role in your company. The pandemic evidently redefined the way teams communicate as well as the way they perform their duties. So, as employers, what can you do to stay connected to them in this new work setup? Listed below are some ways to do it.

  1. Restructure your Way of Communication. Put an extra effort to redesign your previous way of communicating with your staff. Put an extra effort to keep in touch with them. Checking on them would be great.
  2. Make them Feel that they Belong. Working remotely can be lonely at times. There are moments when they are going to miss talking to their colleagues, thus, constant communication will make them feel that they still belong and they have a team to support them.
  3. Add a Little Fun on your Remote Gatherings. Let your staff enjoy your virtual gatherings by organizing engaging and interactive online activities. Even though you don’t have the chance to enjoy the moment face-to-face, still funny moments together would really mean a lot to them.
  4. Reward them. Even working remotely, make them feel that they are appreciated. Send them personal gifts that they may use in our current situation. It could be office supplies, a hygiene kit, or something that can make them stay healthy. Well, in this uncertain time, staying healthy is a must.


What A Bright Corporate Idea!

As mentioned above, sending personalized gifts and rewards to your team may help to stay connected with your employees. However, thinking of a practical gift idea is sometimes a very daunting task to do. There would be a lot of “What ifs?” and “Why not?” This is where a glowing tumbler with logo comes in.

tumbler with logo

Tumbler with Logo

Ensure Device Safety

This stainless steel tumbler is very ideal for your WFH employees. The product is guaranteed to be sturdy because it is made from stainless steel material. They don’t have to worry about breaking, tearing, and even spilling the drink inside. Thus, their devices would be safe from any damage, unlike when they are using ordinary plastic cups or glass mugs.


Brings Convenience

This glowing tumbler is a perfect container of your employees’ drinking water. This drinkware has a drip-free and tight lid that ensures safety and convenience among users.

tumbler with logo

Tumbler with Logo

Moreover, since the tumbler is made from stainless steel, the product is very easy to clean. This high-quality tumbler is also called an 18/8 gauge or food-grade material which is recognized to be damaged resistant. Cleaning this drinkware will only take a little of your employee’s time.


Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

This glowing tumbler with logo comes with a lid and a straw. It helps ensure that your employees’ drinks are always safe. Likewise, this drinkware is very ideal to protect your team from the threats of the virus. Using communal mugs and utensils, even family-owned wares are discouraged.

tumbler with logo

Tumbler with Logo

To make sure that your employees’ tumbler cannot be swiped and accidentally used by their family members, provide them a bright color or unique tumbler design. As this stainless steel tumbler with logo glows in the dark, it makes it easier for them to identify which tumbler is theirs. Also, having a tumbler on the side table may serve as a reminder for them to regularly dehydrate themselves.


Glowing Tumbler with Logo Features

  • Made of Durable Material. Stainless steel is considered to be a durable material used for high-end products. This glowing tumbler has a double-wall metal that ensures the quality of the item. Thus, your employees may use this drinkware for a long period of time.
  • Content Capacity. This tumbler has a capacity of 200 oz, a great amount of water to keep your employees hydrated.
  • Unique Design. Unlike any other drinkware, this tumbler has a unique design that will surely be loved by your employees. The luminous paint used in this product emits glowing color. Moreso, the glowing effect of the tumbler would be perfect during your employees’ night shift work. Also, drinking on this tumbler would be very convenient for them since a lid design on it and has a stainless steel straw.
  • Can be personalized. Give some personal touch on your employee gift item. You may customize this tumbler by putting your employee’s name on it and your brand logo as well. You may also choose the shape, size, and color that suits your employees’ personalities. In that way, they can feel that you really value them, thus they will value and be loyal to your company also.

    tumbler with logo

    Tumbler with Logo

In a Nutshell…

The Covid-19 pandemic suddenly changed everything. There are abrupt alterations in people’s way of living. As employers, never allow the situation to build walls between you and your employees. You and your employees are one. Always show them how you appreciate their efforts to maintain and sustain your business.

One way to do so is by offering this tumbler with logo. Not only is this a brilliant employee appreciation gift, but this is a way to remind them of the importance of staying hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is an absolute must during this pandemic.


Where Does ODM Come In?

ODM can help you design and outsource your corporate gift ideas. We have the expertise to create customized employee gift items, business giveaways, and other personalized promotional merchandise. If you think that this glowing tumbler with logo can make your team’s bond even stronger, you may send us an email using the code ODM- 3553. Feel free to reach us to learn more about our services offered.

Send your love and appreciation to your employees using these smart corporate gift ideas.


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