Kellogg’s recently had this gift with purchase promotion in Singapore. They were offering promotional tumblers for every purchase of 2 boxes of participating Kellogg’s products. Also, one of the products purchased should include a pack of Special K Blueberry and Almond cereal. There are 2 promotional tumblers up for grabs, a red and a blue one.

Promotional Tumblers

Promotional Tumblers

After purchasing Kellogg’s products, shoppers can redeem the promotional tumbler at the customer service counter, after showing their proof of purchase. The promotion was held from 1st to 31st July 2020.

Kellogg’s has always been one of the biggest and well-established brands in the market and they always have amazing brand promotions from time to time. Indeed, this is an excellent GWP promo which is effective in enticing customer to purchase their products. Furthermore, this can allow them to stand out in the highly saturated FMCG industry.

Why we love Kellogg’s Promotional Tumblers

Promotional Tumblers

Promotional Tumblers


Custom tumblers are very practical gifts to offer to customers as they are daily use items. A bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee or tea is a perfect breakfast combo. Shoppers can then use this tumbler to keep their drinks warm for a longer period of time. Other than that, the tumbler to store cold drinks as well. This is perfect for a smoothie or bubble tea lovers! In addition, the tumbler has a very large capacity volume.

The target audience for Kellogg is probably young working adults. Hence, this tumbler is especially useful for them to use when they are working from home or the office.  The magic of offering a free practical gift is that it will bait them to your promotion as this product is probably a necessity for them.


There are 2 designs up for grabs, a red and a blue one, which give the customer an option to pick their preference. Or possibly, some shoppers would want to get both designs as they enjoy collectibles.

Visible Brand Logo

The tumbler has the Kellogg’s logo printed on it which can help boost brand recall. Tumblers are a daily use item. Thus, whenever the user holds the tumbler and sees the logo, they are reminded of the Kellogg’s brand and will continue to buy their products.

Promote Sustainability

Offering reusable items as a promotional giveaway is a great marketing effort by the brand to encourage shoppers to live a sustainable lifestyle.

As our plastic waste is proliferating, it is everyone’s responsibility to minimise our waste. By using a custom tumbler when purchasing drinks, it can help reduce the use of plastic cups.

Some shoppers are also trying to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Therefore, when they see this promotion, they will be interested to get the free gift incentive.

Drive Sales

On the shelf talker, the word “Premium” is very prominent, which can allure many shoppers. This will boost the overall perceived value to Kellogg’s as they feel that the promotion is value for money. Overall, it is a 2-in-1 deal for them, they are able to enjoy Kellogg’s cereal and also receive a high-end gift, which is an absolute win for them. In addition, they are more likely to purchase Kellogg’s cereal over its competitors and also creating impulse purchases.

Moreover, having such promotions will excite shoppers. They will definitely enjoy the gift and will look forward to more promotions by the brand, which builds continuous brand loyalty.

Our Takeaways

Promotional Tumblers

Promotional Tumblers

This is an astounding in-store promotion by Kellogg’s in boosting their retail sales and rise above their competition. When offering a gift with purchase, your brand should consider the practicality of the product and the interests of your target market. This way, you will be able to pique their interest and they are more likely to support your brand.

How ODM can help

The ODM Group has years of experience in the promotional product industry. Furthermore, we are well-experienced when it comes to on-pack promotiongift with purchasein-store displayPOS Displays, and many more. Plus we have a design team, Mindsparkz, that can come up with a new, unique and innovative product ideas

Our past clients, many who are big FMCG brands are very satisfied with the work that we do. We assure you that you will not be disappointed with the end result of the custom promotional merchandise. So,  do not hesitate to contact us today!

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