Get ready for a major throwback. Fido is the face of 7 Up once again! The popular 90’s cartoon character is here to bring the “chill” back to our drinks. As part of their newest campaign, 7 Up and Fido are offering cool giveaways such as Black Go Pro, beach towel, lawn chair, and Tote bag. These promotional giveaway ideas are perfect for the summer.

Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Promotional Giveaway Ideas

But how can customers win these products? Spend $20 on any 7 Up, Pepsi, to get a chance to win these cool products! Scan the QR code found on the poster and fill out the form.

7 Sets of Go Pro Hero8 Black (HK $3,300) are to be given away for the grand prize. For the second prize, lucky winners will get a branded beach towel, a foldable lawn chair, and a branded tote bag.

Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Promotional Giveaway Ideas

We could not help but feel a surge of nostalgia upon seeing the iconic Fido Dido. The king of chill is again promoting 7Up for its “Feels Good to be You” campaign. We absolutely love the team up because they promote a positive message that makes people instantly feel great about themselves. The beverage is known for its lime and lemon taste, a combination that is so refreshing just like the character Fido Dido.

The ad was strategically posted on the fridge door so customers will not miss it. Before they open the door, they might want to spend a minute to read the guidelines and eventually sign up for the contest.

Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Promotional Giveaway Ideas

But why are contest giveaways and custom promotional giveaways important? Such gifts serve as a “bait” for customers to make the final purchase. Furthermore, the excitement that comes with anticipation fuels customers’ to buy more.


Here are 7UP’s Promotional Giveaway Ideas and Why They Work

GoPro- Getting a free action camera is definitely an attractive idea. Since summer means lots of travel for everyone, this is the perfect companion. It is waterproof so this is great for outdoor activities! Since this one is fairly expensive when bought alone, it really motivates customers to buy as many cans of 7Up as they can to improve their odds of winning the action camera.

Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Promotional Giveaway Ideas


Custom Printed Towel The green 7Up branded towel is perfect for the beach and sports activities. Although simple, the cute branding ensures that customers will easily identify the brand. Exposure is the best benefit of this promotional gift. It has more space for branding, which means more exposure for 7Up!

Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Promotional Giveaway Ideas


Foldable Camping Chair– Perfect for outdoor settings, this foldable camping chair is a cool gift that everyone can use for camping, chilling at the park, or having a barbecue at the backyard. We love the simple branding and the bag that comes with it. It is foldable and portable so it is easy to transport and carry wherever you go.

Custom Branded Tote Bag We like this bag because it is trendy and cool. The iconic cartoon character stands out against the white bag. With its cool print, customers will surely love to carry it around.


Benefits of Promotional Giveaways

Boosts Loyalty: Bags are a timeless promotional gift that will prove useful for customers. Offering your customers custom promotional merchandise that they can use from time to time will encourage them to stick with your brand.

Brand Remembrance: Extremely useful products are a great way to create a lasting brand impression. Fido Dido is a lovable and unforgettable character that never fails to make people feel nostalgic.

Boost Sales: Promotional giveaways can have a positive impact on how customers perceive your brand. Even if they did not intend to buy the stated amount, for the sake of getting the limited-edition merchandise, they are more likely to spend the amount needed to fulfill the conditions or even buy more than what they actually need.

Enhance Brand Value: Unique and high-end contest rewards and promotional giveaways give customers enough reason to buy your products. Furthermore, they position your brand in a more positive light.

Clear Message: A foldable chair is an ideal gift to show customers that they should take a moment to relax. The back of the chair is a great place to showcase the brand name.

Relevance: The products appeal to a wide range of customers; men, women, students, and the workforce. So if you want a promotional gift that does not go out of fashion, durable, and is effective, then you can never go wrong with a foldable chair.

Staying Power: Prints on a beach towel are durable and will not fade easily. Therefore, it ensures the longevity of your brand message. If you want to know the creative processes behind designing towels and the issues encountered during printing, then do check this blog out:




To sum up…

7Up did a great job promoting their drinks with awesome promotional giveaways and incorporating Fido Dido into their limited edition merchandise and utilizing other delivery mechanisms for promotional products such as custom fridge stickers, and QR codes.


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