Beverage Can Dispenser: Brewery Promotional Product for Beer Companies

If you are in the beer industry, then you know how difficult it is to rise above the competition. This is why many beer companies invest in marketing gifts. Not only do they add value to their customers’ purchases but they also make their companies a household name. Offering a brewery promotional product is certainly a tried and tested way to further broaden the market reach and increase impressions beyond retail stores.

beer can display rack

Brewery Promotional Product


Specifically designed for can beer and sodas, this branded counter display would definitely rock your bar business in the upcoming days!


Rock Your Marketing With this Brewery Promotional Product

There is no doubt that this beer promotional idea would be a great addition to your bar and in-store brand campaigns. Listed below are the reasons you need to give this custom counter display a try.


1. Great beverage organizer

Isn’t it disgusting seeing can of beers mess around your bar tables? Surely, your customers also hate that. Well, gone are the days of being upset looking for a space to keep your canned drinks!

beer can display rack

This can dispenser is absolutely ideal to use as a canned beer and soda organizer. Place it at the center of the table and allow your customers to enjoy their beer.  This rack can hold a total of 10 cans. Moreover, it can easily dispense cans whenever your customers want to pop open their favorite drinks.

Consequently, a neat and organized hang-out place can easily allure more customers. They can ensure that the service you are providing is indeed one of a kind. Furthermore, it can help you gain trust and loyalty from your clients.


2. Perfect space-saving rack

This beer holder is designed with a minimalist accent and decor. Instead of serving your canned beer product on every customer’s table, why not serve them on this display rack instead? Doing so allows you to put other dishes or snacks on the table.

beer can display rack

Brewery Promotional Product

Aside from being a countertop display, it is also ideal to use for your bar beverage cabinet or storage unit. With its slim design, you can maximize the available storage space while keeping the drink still accessible.

In addition, this Brewery Promotional Product is indeed excellent to use, especially for a large crowd. Instead of having their drinks scattered on their tables, putting them in an organizer would be your best serving style.


3. Long-lasting use

This beer can rack is made from Polypropylene (PP) material, thus the quality of the product is guaranteed. PP material is used in a wide variety of applications such as product packaging, automotive products, and even textiles. Hence, this promotional product will last long enough to really convey your marketing message.

As this product is durable, it will minimize the expenses for your marketing campaign. So, as a POS display, you can surely use this can holder display for many years.


4. Versatile and convenient storage

Aside from canned beers, other beverages can also be stored in this display rack. Moreover, if you are having a hard time organizing your canned goods in the bar pantry, this rack would also suit your condiments organizer. Put it anywhere, from the bar tables, in the front bar, storage unit, and even in the pantry.

beer can display rack

Beer Can Display Rack

In addition, this beer can dispenser is collapsible, thus you can fold it right after use. There is no denying that this custom countertop display has a lot to offer.

Aside from brand promotion, this beer holder display is indeed a very useful bar accessory. It would help you use and maximize your bar space, thereby allowing you to cater and serve more customers.


5. Highly customizable

The body of the item is indeed a good space to put your brand logo. Printing your logo on it would make your customers familiar with your business. Consequently, it is available in different colors such as blue, red, black, and white.

beer can display rack

A customized counter display rack is certainly perfect to use for your marketing as it serves as your tangible branding. Furthermore, a customized product shows your authenticity and your brand ownership.


To Wrap it Up…

Making the brand stand out amidst the tough competition is indeed one of the challenges every brewery company is facing now. Adding to this worry is finding an effective marketing strategy to help them recover from the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. But, knowing that they still keep going and striving despite the challenges, is definitely a great first move to regain what they have lost.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a beer can dispenser?

A beer can dispenser is used to organize and store canned drinks. Though designed for canned beverages, other canned goods (as long as the size suits in the dispenser) can also be stored in this rack.

What material is used in making this can rack?

There are can racks made from metals and wood. But this specific drink holder is made from Polypropylene material.

Can I customize beer can holders?

Most beer can holders are customizable. You may ask your manufacturer to modify the item with your logo to best represent your brand.


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