Multipack Carriers: Simple, Cost-Effective Beverage Packaging Solution

If you have yet to use a beverage carrier with logo, then you are definitely missing out on a simple, yet powerful promotional tool. Done right, it is a great way to promote your brand without being obtrusive. Moreover, the convenience it offers adds to the overall shopping experience of customers. This carrier is a simple beverage packaging solution for retailers and wholesalers alike.

If you are a store selling any type of beverage, you know how inconvenient it is to carry multiple bottles or cans of drinks. While it is possible to put them inside a shopping bag, it might not be the safest and efficient solution. This is why a flatpack drink holder is such a useful beverage packaging solution.

Flat Pack Beverage Carrier: An Excellent Beverage Packaging Solution?

Multipack drink holders are attached to the top part of the cans or bottles of drinks, making it easier for customers to carry multiple bottles or cans of drinks in one go. Made from plastic, they are sturdy, yet flexible enough to carry the weight of the bottles.

If you are not yet convinced as to why you should invest in this plastic packaging, then let us show you the different types of flat pack bottle carriers and the numerous advantages of using this packaging.

Style Number 1- 6-Pack Can Holder with Handle

This flat pack can holder can carry 6 cans of beer at once.

Beverage Packaging Solutions

Beverage Packaging Solutions

What we like about this drink carrier is that it has a handle that allows the customers to carry the beverages easily. Designed for beer and soft drink cans, these carriers fit the rim of the cans perfectly so the cans will not slip when carried.

Beverage Packaging Solutions

It comes in various colors that match your brand’s identity. In addition, it can be made into 6 and 4 packs.

Style Number 2 – Flat Pack can Holder with Mini Handle

Unlike the first flat-pack beverage packaging, this one fully covers the top part of the can. In addition, it has small handles in which to hook the fingers. Moreover, the cover protects the drinks from dust and contaminants. With the current health crisis, this is a great packaging option for many drinks brands.

Like the first example, the colors can be customized according to brand requirements. Most importantly, the cover provides a wide space for imprinting logos so customers can see the branding right away. If there are other information or on-pack campaigns, such as contests and raffles, the cover can be used as a canvas for their brand message.

Beverage Packaging Solutions
Beverage Packaging Solutions

What is also great with this design is that it allows merchandisers to stack the products on top of each other, thanks to the carrier being flat and the handles being hidden.

Beverage Packaging Solutions
Beverage Packaging Solutions

Style Number 3 – Flat Pack Bottle Holder

This multicarrier packaging is designed for bottles. Great for water bottles and bottled beverages, the design of this packaging is simple, yet very functional.

Beverage Packaging Solutions
Beverage Packaging Solutions
Beverage Packaging Solutions

This allows the merchandises to easily group products together. We also love that it has a thick and flat ergonomic handle, so your hands will not hurt while carrying them.

Why Should You Use a Multi-Pack Beverage Carrier?

Indeed, a useful beverage packaging solution, a multi-pack carrier spells convenience and quality. They may be small, often underused but they offer immense marketing potential.

The competition starts right at the shelf where your products are displayed. As such, it is critical to command attention right from the very beginning. And you can do this by subtly branding your product packaging. And in this case, the multi-pack carriers can be branded on the handles, cover, and every visible part. They allow you to promote your brand without making you look “pushy” or desperate to get noticed.

Beverage Packaging Solutions

Beverage Packaging Solutions

A multipack carrier, not only groups similar products, but also make transporting the beverages easier and more convenient. These beverage packaging solutions are also ideal for your in-store promotions such as buy-get-one schemes, PWP, GWP, and other promotional product mechanisms.

Multi-pack packaging is also for wholesale products.

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