Achieve Sweet Success- 8 Branded Baking Accessories

Whether you are a big patisserie owner or a bakeshop manager, you are probably looking for something that would help highlight your brand. Aside from your undeniably mouth-watering baked delicacies, there must be something that would represent and promote your bakeshop. Today, we will be featuring some branded baking accessories that would capture your customers’ interest even more! We are glad to introduce to you these highly creative and innovative baking tools and equipment.


Branded Baking Accessories

Branded Baking Accessories

Since the beginning of 2020, almost everyone started to bake their way through the pandemic. Baking utensils were almost always sold out in supermarkets. As such, there is a high demand for baking supplies, and this also opens an opportunity for brands to create delicious marketing stints that customers will love!


Branded Baking Accessories

1. Rolling Pin

The classy appearance of this rolling pin would certainly attract customers especially those who love to bake. This baking tool is made of wood, so it is very durable. In addition, it is very lightweight and moisture-resistant. The rolling pin also has a comfortable and easy-grip handle for a firm and smooth rolling action.


branded baking accessories

Wooden Rolling Pin: Branded Baking Accessories


Furthermore, this indispensable tool is rustproof and easy to clean. This is great to use for rolling out pie crust, bread, and pastry dough quickly and easily. Aside from its traditional look, the wooden rolling pin is available in a variety of appealing designs such as cut, and engrave figures or words. This feature adds to customers’ interest in the product. Product Code: ODM- 1821


2. Egg Yolk Separator

For some, separating the yolk and the egg white is a real struggle. To avoid messy baking, why not use this egg yolk separator? This cute branded kitchenware ensures a quick way to separate the yolk from the egg white.


branded baking accessories


On top of that, this egg yolk separator is made from an easy-squeeze silicone bulb, which makes it easy to pull out the yolk. With its lid, the yolk can glide through smoothly keeping the yolk whole. This egg yolk separator is dishwasher safe and is also reusable. This simple, yet incredible baking tool can help you save time and reduce kitchen mess. 


3. Silicone Covered Glove

One of the best-branded baking accessories nowadays is this silicone-covered glove. The silicone cover of this kitchen glove ensures the safety of your valued clients. Silicone product is an exceptional tool in the kitchen, which is perfect for handling hot pans, cooking, and baking.

branded baking accessories


 In addition, the glove is heat and slip-resistant, thus protecting hands from burns. This silicone-covered glove comes in a variety of colors and designs that customers would surely love. Its cute design and practical uses make this kitchen item a great marketing souvenir for your shop. Product Code: ODM- 2326


4. Silicone Molds

Make your customers baking experience fun and exciting with the use of these silicone molds! Kids would surely love to eat bread and pastries with customized shapes and adorable designs. The silicone material is resistant in both hot and cold temperatures, therefore a great kitchen tool. 



In addition, the silicone molds are safe, durable, and can guarantee long-term use. The designs are indeed customizable and available for all seasons: whether Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, and birthday parties, these silicone molds would be in demand.  Product Code: ODM-325


5. Kitchen Timers

How disgusting it is to taste underbaked and overbaked cookies and cakes? Worry no more! These kitchen timers would help you bake pastries perfectly.

These timers come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. Moreover, it is highly customizable and is available in various themes like cute animals, cupcakes, and other kitchen tools theme.  Product Code: ODM- 2710


branded baking accessories



6. Measuring Cups

Who says that baking is easy? Well, that’s not true! It needs exact measurements, and amounts of ingredients. Lacking or excessive amounts of the ingredients required would affect the finished product. Thus, it is very important that baking measuring cups are always present during baking sessions. 



These measuring cups come in unique retro and modern designs. These are highly functional and also suitable to use as kitchen decor because of their beautiful and eye-catching designs. Moreover, the measuring cups come in the standard sizes you need for baking – 1 cup, ½ cup, 1/3 cup, and ¼ cup. 


7. Cookie Cutters

Uneven cookie and cake cuts? Not with this branded cookie cutter. Customers can enjoy cookie parties with these amazing cookie cutters.

This customized cutter by the famous chocolate brand, Hershey’s is a perfect example of this item. Moreover, this theme-based cookie cutter is another fun idea that you can try.



Unleash your customers’ creativity with these branded cookie cutters!


8. Digital Kitchen Scale

Here’s another baking equipment that would be a great addition to your kitchen. This digital kitchen scale can give the precise measurement of your baking ingredients and can determine the accurate amount and size of servings.


branded baking accessories



Moreover, this digital scale would also be loved by your premium clients. It has a tare feature that automatically deducts the weight of the ingredients food container. It also sets the scale back to “0” when another ingredient is added to the platform. Product Code: ODM- 3605


How to Utilize these Baking Accessories for Promotions?

It is undeniable that these promotional products can help to drive sales growth and reach more customers. Here are some ways to use these baking accessories to advertise your brand to a wider range of customers.


1. Offering these products as free items.

Why not offer these baking accessories in your freebie marketing strategy? Everyone loves getting free stuff. Selling your signature goodies together with these items would help keep your brand on top of your customers’ minds. Aside from your freshly baked products, your chosen free items would also leave a lasting impression.


2. Bring the items to your hosted events.

Hosting events is indeed very strategic marketing as it serves as an avenue to create brand exposure for your bakeshop. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to reach a wider range of customers and increase brand awareness through word-of-mouth.

Create a great brand recall by bringing these promotional kitchen items to your hosted events. Customizing them with your brand logo would help you increase awareness and visibility.


 3. Make these kitchen items as your brand new servings.

Doing the same old ways of promotion wouldn’t help you stand out. Why not offer your customers new servings? Well, it doesn’t mean that you have to ditch out your signature delicacies. Try something new to entice your customers like offering them branded baking equipment. These products would certainly pique the interest of your valued clients.


4. Set Up a Redemption Giveaway Campaign

Show your clients how you value them. Loyalty programs and redemption gifts are a surefire way to strengthen customer loyalty. Baking utensils make for a valuable redemption gift because people love to get useful items in return for their purchases. Moreover, when it comes to redemption giveaways, customers have to fulfill certain conditions before they could redeem any of the gifts being offered, which means higher sale for your business.


Final Thoughts…

There is no doubt that these featured promotional products would help intensify your bakeshop marketing campaigns. With their unique features and cool designs, your business will surely benefit from these items in the long run.


How Can ODM help?

Looking for a partner to help you produce exceptional promotional products like these baking accessories? You’re on the right page! Our team has a team of experienced designers and merchandisers who will help you produce custom promotional products that best for your business. Contact ODM today to learn more about our high-quality services! We’d love to work with you!


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 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best baking equipment?

Baking accessories such as rolling pin, measuring cups, kitchen timers, silicone moulds are some of the baking essentials every baker should have. Unique tools such as egg yolk separator, cookie-cutter and digital scale are also some of the best baking items that must be considered.

How can I use baking equipment for my bakeshop promotion?

Baking tools are indeed very functional. It definitely makes baking convenient. Moreover, they can also be used as promotional products. You can use them as your bakeshop free giveaway items, as client gifts, and as on-pack items.

Are baking tools customizable?

Baking tools are very customizable. You can add your brand logo to these items. Moreover, you can also select the specific design, color, and sizes that would best represent your brand.



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