Fans of Masflex are rejoicing because of their newest marketing gift – promotional apron! Customers will get a free promotional apron for every purchase of at least Php 2,000 worth of Masflex products. This promo gift goes well with the brands’ products making it a brilliant gift with purchase offer. As a kitchenware brand, Masflex’s promotional gift is not only interesting, but relevant as well.

Customers will always be happy to get a promotional apron because it’s practical and useful.

Masflex Aims To Boost Sales Through This Promotional Apron

Masflex Aims To Boost Sales Through This Promotional Apron

Why Do We Love This Promotional Apron?

  • Customers will most likely use this apron every day– this is a great opportunity to expose their brands to their customers. With daily use, customers become accustomed to the brand. So when they go shopping, customers will remember the brand that gave them the customised apron.
  • Relevance – The free apron is definitely an important part of the kitchen. So, the relevance of the marketing gift to the products is a good strategy for the brand. This helps a lot in brand promotion and recognition.
  • Improves Brand Image  –  Receiving something from your favourite brand is a rewarding feeling that most customers enjoy. Promotional gifts are often seen to have a positive effect on customers. Thus this improves how your customers perceive your brand. Here’s an example of a simple, yet effective branded apron. It’s practical and great for enhancing brand exposure.
  • Branding – The custom apron has a wide area for branding. In fact, brands could opt to use colours that are associated with their brands to facilitate a more effective marketing campaign.


In Conclusion…

This promotional apron from Masflex is simple and straightforward. It is not complicated nor fancy. But, it effectively promotes the brand to the customers. This is because useful and practical items is valued by customers. According to studies, companies who give away promotional souvenirs are more likely to build stronger relationship with their target market and improve their sales. That is why no matter how small or simple the product is, Masflex has developed finer brand remembrance even outside shopping stores.

Should you need help with designing your own promotional apron or have any questions related to any promotional item, please feel free to contact our team.


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