Companies operating in the pet industry are numerous, whether it be food manufacturers, veterinary clinics or shops specialized in pets items. In order to boost their sales and profits, experience over the years has shown that using promotional products is one of the most efficient strategies. To all business owners in this industry, get ready to leverage these custom pet products to boost your brand.

Promotional Pet Accessories

Promotional Pet Accessories


How Promotional Pet Accessories Increase Your Sales?

Pet lovers love to pamper their pets, don’t they? The reason why you have a business in line with this industry is because of the love and affection these customers give to their pets. By offering your clients promotional pet accessories you get your way to have more sales. How?


  1. Branded Promotional Products add significant value to your merchandise/services.

    People love getting more from what they purchase. They are delighted to buy products or services which deliver beyond their needs. Pet enthusiast customers will definitely grab specialized products designed for their pets.

  2. Products with logos can raise brand awareness.

    Did you know that the more we see a brand’s logo, the more we become familiar with the brand itself? Then, do the exact same thing on these promotional pet accessories. The good news is that you can place your logo or branding details – through different printing methods – in these custom branded products.

  3. Promotional Pet Accessories improve your consumer-brand relationship.

    The consumer-brand relationship is the experience customers get from your brand, what they feel, think, and get from your business. By offering promotional accessories, you are making customers feel that they are noticed and prioritized. Consumers will feel your same concern for their pets.

  4. Turns customers into brand ambassadors.

    The moment you delighted a customer, they happily give back the favor. Happy customers will become your brand ambassadors. With the use of social media, it will be easy for them to flex your promotional pet accessories. Now, you have many partners to promote your business. So, great marketing, isn’t it?


The Best Promotional Pet Accessories

Promotional Pet Accessories

Promotional Pet Accessories

These bone-shaped promotional pet accessories are original ideas to play with dogs. With a size of 24*14cm, they will perfectly fit in your pet’s mouth while making fun exciting stimulating sounds when pressed. Product code, ODM- 1692.

Original Ideas For Promotional Pet Accessories

Original Ideas For Promotional Pet Accessories


These anti-skid shoes for dogs will reduce the risk of infection after an injury and promote the healing process because they protect the wound from impurities. Dog shoes are not only practical in winter, but also for all walks on tar or stony path. Product code, ODM- 1692.

Original Ideas For Promotional Pet Accessories

Original Ideas For Promotional Pet Accessories

This container of croquettes can be compressed and is therefore suitable for all the quantities of food. It guarantees good preservation of the food for pets, preserves the freshness, and keeps them dry. Easily transportable, you can take your dog’s favorite croquettes and snacks anywhere with this handy croquette container. Product code, ODM- 1692.


In conclusion

Your customers care about their pets and will want to please them by offering them these items. The key to strong customer loyalty is offering customers useful and high-quality products. In return, customers will associate your brand with cool merchandise. Even our pets have the right to own trendy accessories to proudly go out, lounge, or eat. Thus, these promotional pet accessories have been designed in a wide range of eye-catching colors and attractive shapes.

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More Promotional Ideas

If you are in search of creative yet affordable marketing ideas to fit in your marketing budget, you’re in for a treat! Here are the cutest pet promotional products every pet shop must-have.


Keep them comfy with a pet car bag! If you are looking to offer custom pet products for your pet-loving customers, then this dog car bag should be in your next marketing plan!


There are many different kinds of tags such as luggage tags, price tags, and ID tags to include in your promotional product approach.


The fun and unique shapes make these products highly attractive. The bright outgoing colors do add value and make them great to show off.


Customizing a promotional dog bowl for your business is a good start.

Frequently Asked Questions

What special events do you use promotional pet accessories?

The perfect special event would be on April 11, National Pet Day. You may also consider March 23, National Dog Day. But, truthfully, these products are perfect all year round! You can offer them as an after-consultation freebie or a GWP along with pet products.

How to better promote customized pet products?

Make sure to add your branding details to the products. You can also intensify your marketing by giving it to clients as free giveaways.

What do promotional products mean?

These are typically imprinted with a company's branding details which include useful merchandise. As a promotional product, these pet accessories would be ideal for brand ambassadors and veterinary clinics.