Are you a pet store owner or in the pet business? Are you looking for the best custom pet products promotion ideas? If you are in search of creative yet affordable marketing ideas to fit in your advertising budget, you’re in for a treat! Here are the cutest pet promotional products every pet shop must have. You will also learn the importance of having promotional products to make your customers happy and drive more sales.

pet promotional products

Pet Promotional Products

Perks of Using these Pet Promotional Products

Being in the pet industry, we appreciate that your main concern is the wellbeing of every pet coming into your stores. We understand how much you value this work. But no matter how rewarding and noble this job is, business is still business. You need to earn more money to finance and run the business continually. So how do you make sure to keep existing clients and gain new customers? What is the best way to increase your sales?

The best way to achieve this is by offering custom promotional pet accessories or gifts to your customers. What are the perks of these pet promotional products?

  1. Deepen the connection with your customers.

    Did you know the two most important aspects of a business? People and trust. By giving them promotional gifts, customers will feel their value for your business. Make sure to get your clients to smile upon entering and leaving your shop.

  2. Strengthen your branding position in the market.

    Do you want to stand out from your competitors? Well, do something they haven’t tried yet. Boost your brand by letting your customers identify the great service you can provide with these custom giveaways.

  3. Uphold reputation.

    It takes a hundred customers to build a good reputation, and one mistake to lose it all. Have high-quality promotional items to maintain this level of trust by your clients.

  4. Widen your brand authority and territory.

    Yes, you can post on social media or put posters on the street about your business. But how about seeing your logo and contact details in their everyday routine? When you place your branding info on these customizable pet promotional items, clients get to familiarize themselves with your brand.

Pet Promotional Products

Pet Promotional Products

Best Uses of these Pet Promotional Products

The role of promotional products isn’t just to boost more sales. The real measure of success of every promotional product idea is when customers find and appreciate its value. Well, you can never go wrong with these pet promotional products. Pet lovers will surely enjoy these custom giveaway products. Take note of their uses and let your clients know the value they are getting with your custom promotional items.

Pet Promotional Products

Pet Promotional Products


Automatic Feeders & Water Fountain

This automatic feeder and water fountain is absolutely loved by many pet owners. It is eco-friendly and comes as a set at an affordable price. This promotional product also passed all the food safety level tests so it is definitely safe for the animals. It has a large space for water and food so, dogs and cats can truly enjoy their mealtime. Plus, it’s easy to clean!

This pet promotional product can be customized as per your branding details – your logo, contact details, etc. – amazing, isn’t it? Are you interested to have them customized for your brand? The product code is 3529.

pet promotional products

Pet Promotional Products

Automatic Portable Dispenser

This automatic portable food and water dispenser are ideal for travel purposes. Your clients and their pets can now go wherever they want with this incredible promotional pet item. Its round shape and adjustable feature fit perfectly in travel bags. Compact and easy to clean, it will be a great help for long road trips where people have no access to clean water and dog food.

These pet promotional products come in various colors. It can also be customized to reflect your brand image. Animal and food nutrition companies can offer them as a gift with purchase while veterinary clinics can offer them as a welcome gift for new clients. Would a portable food and water dispenser help you promote your pet products and services? If so, contact us with the product code ODM- 3530.

pet promotional products

pet promotional products

Your Next Move

Pet promotional products are indeed beneficial for your business. Take your advertising efforts to the next level with these trendy and useful promotional pet products. Include these in the high-quality products and services you offer to your clients. Double the bliss of your beloved customers and double your profit!


ODM Cares for Your Business

ODM cares for your business as much as you do. We have been in the promotional product industry since 2003. Our team can help you source and design high-quality promotional products and marketing gifts to catapult your brand. Our creative team, Mindsparkz, can create custom designs perfect for your brand. Contact us now to know how our team can help you grow your company.


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