Singapore Telecommunications Limited, also known as Singtel, is a Singaporean telecommunications company, with a combined mobile subscriber base of 500 million customers. Working with Samsung they have began a marketing campaign with promotional travel accessories for anyone who buys a $50 “hi!card”. This also enrolls them into a draw where they may potentially win a Samsung Galaxy note 5.

The main are of this promotion we shall be looking at is the Foldable travel cushion and neck pillow.


Promotional Travel Accessories with Singtel

Promotional Travel Accessories with Singtel

What we like about these Promotional Travel Accessories:

  • Large surface area on both the travel cushion and Neck pillow for branding to be placed and as they are connected together this gives any company the space to brand themselves with a variety of designs.


  • As it is a simple promo product design it offers companies the chance to apply almost any colour or colouring to this product making it highly adaptable to their brands colour scheme.


  • Targets perfectly to the traveler who spends a long time on public transport such as planes and trains. Usually being surrounded by other travelers and therefore creating a large amount of brand exposure. If they are not even surrounded by a similar target market that might have an interest in promotional travel accessories then the branding of Singtel may work. Provoking a comparison of phone companies either in their head or physically i.e. over the internet.


  • Finally with technology being a major part of travel entertainment, be it a phone, tablet or laptop, seeing the branding and comparing it to their current phone they may be using can be a very effective way to challenge the market through a subtle promotion.


Promotional Travel Accessories with Singtel

Promotional Travel Accessories with Singtel


ODM love this marketing campaign and in particularly these promotional travel accessories that come along with it. If you are interested in creating a promo neck pillow, a travel cushion or both combined then we would love to offer our services. Contact us today for a quote and see what we can do for you.

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