Fire up your Holiday promotions with these silicone covered oven gloves as marketing souvenirs!

We couldn’t pas up the chance to see these cute and highly practical custom promotional merchandise up close at a recently held trade fare. Our team found them together with other silicone products. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Some give off festive vibes with Christmas-inspired decor, while others have food-related designs on them.

Marketing Souvenirs? Silicone Covered Oven Gloves Has Got You Covered!

Marketing Souvenirs? Silicone Covered Oven Gloves Has Got You Covered!

Features and Benefits

The Holidays mean lots of food and stressful preparations. But cooking doesn’t have to be a stress fest. These silicone covered oven gloves offer a host of personal and marketing benefits!

Marketing Souvenirs? Silicone Covered Oven Gloves Has Got You Covered!

Marketing Souvenirs? Silicone Covered Oven Gloves Has Got You Covered!

  • Silicone covered: The silicone cover adds durability and ensures the safety of your customers. Heat and slip resistant, the gloves can prevent hand burns. Grease and sauce will not be absorbed by the fabric. And this feature makes this custom promotional product idea more interesting.
  • Area for Branding: Logos and brand names can be printed on the silicone cover and fabric. By embossing the logo/brand name on the silicone cover, not only do you improve brand visibility, but the grooves the process creates improve traction. This provides stronger grip on greasy pots and pans! To learn more about this printing method, check out this blog:


  • Vibrant Designs: Vibrant designs are calling customers to come check them out. When using them for Christmas and CNY promotions, we highly recommend using relevant designs so as to get more shoppers. Customers are more likely to buy these custom-design products because they are currently in trend!
  • Practical: Unlike the standard cooking gloves where the fabric can easily catch fire, these gloves are protected by silicone. The promise of keeping hands safe from burns will make customers want to buy them.


Silicone Covered Oven Gloves as Marketing Souvenirs

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, marketing managers can show their warm appreciation to their customers by doing a gift with purchase promo. These innovative oven gloves with silicone cover will make great gift item for household products on sale.

Since silicone is getting popular these days, marketers can use them as on pack premiums together with other silicone products. If they want a more high-end campaign, they may also put together a baking gift set to market these oven gloves. Custom silicone baking moulds and custom aprons will definitely complete the marketing gift set



If you’re thinking of using these products as marketing souvenirs, we advise to familiarize yourself with the testing standards involved in the manufacture of silicone products. This way you can be sure that your promotional silicone cookware and kitchenware are safe to use. Here’s everything you need to know about the stringent testing standards in the US and UK.


Luckily, our ODM team can help you choose your promotional product options. Speak with us so we can help you design, source and manufacture, unique and effective merchandise for your next project.

If interested in these silicone covered gloves, send us an inquiry today. Product code is 2326. You may also want to take a look at our product database page:


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